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Originally Posted by woodie View Post
After sitting untouched for another period (this time five weeks), no discernible decrease in charge.
That is good to know! I don't think I'll worry about a 2 week airport park.
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I don't mean to be a smart-a**, however, if Kia expects Niro owners to drive their cars more often than a "regular" car, to keep the battery charged, they sure are going to have a lot of DEALERS upset with them! I can hear it now... "Attention all sales associates. It's Monday, so it's time to drive all of the Niro's on the lot to keep the battery charged"...
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On average, in the 2 1/2 months we ahve owned our EX Model, our car has not sat for more than a day or two.

So not a long time to drain, but I have not had a problems with the battery being drained.

I am thinking this topic is either a scam (not being smart), maybe someone had an abnormal drain problem (something left on or a short or whatever).
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I left my Toyota Auris Hybrid at Heathrow for three months whilst my wife and I toured New Zealand. We got in it and it started as soon as I pressed the start button. As we intend to do this again is this going to prove to be an issue.

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No because it wasnt real. If you find the other thread, although the OP never reported final results, it was pretty clear that they had a lemon and were getting a run around from someone at the dealer or some lackey in customer service who didnt know what they were talking about.
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Isn't there a way to attach a trickle charger if you are going to leave the car in the garage for a few weeks? When I had power boats, I would leave a trickle charger going on the battery all winter and the battery stayed charged up and ready to crank a big V-8.
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The biggest challenge we have given our Niro so far was a 28-day "rest" at the airport parking lot. I worried during the entire trip that we would return to a dead battery....but she fired right up as though she had been driven daily.
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If your battery "dies", just push the 12 v battery reset button on the left side of the driver on the dash. It will charge the battery and you are back to normal instantly.
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I've not gone more than a week without driving. That said, while on vacation over the holidays, my Niro EX-Prem sat on the street, snow and ice covered in -20C weather for a week. When I got back, she fired up immediately and there was no noticeable drain of the battery gauge. Was very happy.
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Originally Posted by NiroDude View Post
If your battery "dies", just push the 12 v battery reset button on the left side of the driver on the dash. It will charge the battery and you are back to normal instantly.
The 12v battery disconnects if it falls below Xvolts (I forget what that number is), the reset button doesn't charge anything, it re-connects the 12v lithium ion ferrite core battery to enable you to start the car. I've had ours stall at first start after sitting outdoors overnight in -10 below zero weather, BUT, when it stalls, at first you hear the engine shake, stutter, as is normal in such temps, the second it stalls out the Niro switches to EV mode, and in about 1 more second the car starts itself again as if you pushed the start button a second time....................this has happened twice in sub zero temps, and each time, on the 2nd firing, the car started right up. The overall design seems problems really...................I just pitty the fools that try to jump start another car with their Niro, you are NOT supposed to do that! Kia left out a warning in the owners manual stating that the Niro is NOT designed to jump start other cars and doing so can damage the vehicle, the 12v battery, and the hybrid battery,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, you can however receive a jump start from another car/jumper battery if necessary. Kia is supposedly updating the owners manual and may release addendum's to existing customers/manuals regarding more specific battery jump do's and don'ts.
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