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Originally Posted by eddarrah View Post
I just pitty the fools that try to jump start another car with their Niro, you are NOT supposed to do that! Kia left out a warning in the owners manual stating that the Niro is NOT designed to jump start other cars and doing so can damage the vehicle, the 12v battery, and the hybrid battery... Kia is supposedly updating the owners manual and may release addendum's to existing customers/manuals regarding more specific battery jump do's and don'ts.
Source? If my wifeís car battery dies I canít jump her? Seems like a major manual oversight.
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Originally Posted by fredct View Post
Source? If my wifeís car battery dies I canít jump her? Seems like a major manual oversight.
Check the "Kia Niro Owners USA" page on Facebook, there a Kia tech has re-iterated Kia's warning to NOT attempt to jump start another vehicle with the Niro. Yes I agree completely, that is a major oversight in the manual.......however, since the manual does detail how to jump start the Niro, and NOT how to jump start another vehicle, hopefully most would ASSume not to do it, however it really should detail it as it's very serious. In addition to blowing fuses, you could also damage the Hybrid Starter/Generator, there is also power INVERSION happening in this vehicle. The Niro, as you probably know, houses the hybrid battery under the back seat, but inside of the hybrid battery housing is also the 12v battery, and it is NOT a typical 12v lead acid battery found in regular vehicles, it is also NOT a lithium ion polymer like the hybrid battery but a small lithium ion ferrite core (I believe that is that type, ferrite core, ferrous sulphate, something like that) I am NOT an expert here, but I AM a research geek/fanatic and I do honestly tell you that Kia has filtered down info both here and on the Niro face book pages that the Niro is NOT designed to jump start other cars and headaches, misery and lost $$$$ can result............I'm sure the same is true of the Hyundai Ioniq as it's the same car basically, I think Toyota Prius's and some other hybrids are still using regualr 12v lead acid batteries and jump starting other cars may be an option for them. Honestly, it's a lot easier to just purchase one of those self contained battery jumpers that include built in jumper cables, prices range from $29.00 - 99.00 I picked up a nice one from Advance Auto Parts for $39.00. Never had to use it................yet In addition to being basically a lightweight battery that eliminates the need for another car to provide the jump start, you can keep it indoors where it's warm, and not having to worry about draining the battery of the host car/battery that is doing the jumping.
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