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Hey we should have a glossary somewhere here for the abbreviations LOL. Correct me if I'm wrong please.
HEV= Hybrid electric vehicle? The basic hybrid Niro, right?
PHEV= Plug in hybrid electric vehicle?
EV= Just electric only? When the battery goes dead your stuck if your not where you wanna be?
BEV=??????? What's that?

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BEV = battery electric vehicle.

EV is nice for short, but not entirely descriptive. So ICE, HEV, PHEV, BEV, engine, motor, traction battery, 12V battery.

Not so often seen, but perhaps in the future: FCEV = fuel cell electric vehicle.

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Originally Posted by [email protected] View Post
Wait are you saying if your 12v battery dies, unlike any other vehicle, you don't need a cable jump start because that feature is built in to grab energy from the hybrid battery? That's super cool if so! Is this unique to the Niro? I watched almost every Niro review video on youtube and NOT ONE mentioned this.

Also where is the 12v battery? Some video reviews say it has one some that it doesnt.

And I'm interested specifically in the PHEV details, not sure if that makes a difference from the regular hybrid as far as my questions above.

The batteries are compartmentalized. In the HEV version there's a 'reset' button that simply takes some of the high voltage battery power and assign it to the 12v system. It looks like in the PHEV it has the same basic feature but implemented somewhat differently since there is a much larger amount of charge in the high voltage battery to work with.
See pages H-35 and H-36 of the PHEV owner's manual (which can be found online....Google). It states several things including:

"The Aux. Battery Saver+ is a function
that monitors the charging status of
the 12V auxiliary battery.
If the auxiliary battery level is low, the
main high voltage battery charges
the auxiliary battery."

"The driver can activate the Aux.
Battery Saver+ function by placing
the engine start/stop button to the
ON position and by selecting:
"User Settings ➞ Other Features ➞
Aux. Battery Saver+"
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At the dealer today. They changed the oil (first one) and rotated tires and investigated the issue. There were no codes. Everything has worked just fine since the nervous breakdown the car had. However unfortunately the guy at the service desk sorta got pissy with me when he told me they were going to keep it overnight to makes sure it charged up because 'the battery shouldn't have drained that much on the way here'. He pointed at my car and sure enough there it was charging the main battery (not the 12v). He did not understand why I was there apparently. I tried to explaining that I drove 50 miles to get there and the first 25 is all electric and it's a feature that the battery drains like that and he had the wrong battery. Then he got all indignant and said he'd 'gone to school' well actually first he said the mechanic had been trained and then later said he'd been trained. That got my dander up and he said he wasn't going to talk to me because I was yelling at him. I was not....or at least not until he got pissy. And he assured me the highly trained mechanic had told him it was unusual and that they needed to keep it. I'm not driving another 100 miles the next day just because they don't know. So the service manager who was actually in the dealership next door (they own all the dealerships around here....next door is Buick) and came over and actually listened to what I had to say then walked me out to the mechanic dude by my car and I explained to the mechanic the issue and the mechanic said 'oh well that's not what I was told, you're probably right'. Then the 3 of us discussed the newness and in all reality it was likely a software hiccup and in a few months there'd likely be another update and keeping it overnight is not going to replicate the issue since it had been charged up several times normally since the incident.

However I also explained to the service manager that I had run a diagnostic when I finally got it started and it threw and error and the UVO thingy said it fired off that error information to the cloud and my preferred dealer (my dealer). The dude kinda just sighed as in 'yeah that thing never works'. Kia has a ways to go on the car communicating its issues with the homeland.
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on Hybrid Models youll need to click the 12V battery reset near the drivers side of the dash. only the PHEV models have a dedicated 12v lead acid battery.

This is kinda cool with the hybrids, it has a step down converter to use the main battery to run 12v system items. if no items are used over a period of time, the battery goes into hibernation mode and you need to use a physical key and 12v reset to get back into the car. The 12v battery also never dies in this sense too, one less item to replace down the road. 10yr 100k warranty on battery (might be lifetime) is also a big positive for all niros.

I just rolled over 7900 miles on my PHEV, only had it since june. awesome car. Zero Issues.

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Ours did that multiple times. Still does it but the dealership will say it’s working fine now. So frustrating. Owned the car for 2 years. It’s been in the shop about 10x.
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