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Paint protection

I owned my Toyota Highlander Hybrid for 12 years, I plan on owning Katrina (my 2019 Kia Niro PHEV) at least as long the end of the 12 years my highlanders paint was pitted and chipped from rocks, scratched from stuff (e.g. loading things in and out of hatchback, door wells from opening doors), and paint peeling on roof. ...saooo anyone have advice or experience with either ceramic paint coating or PPF masks (which don't seem to be "entire car coverage") ...or any other suggested paint protection?

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Paint Protection

Ceramic coatings will not protect the car from rock and debris chips. Paint Protection film will unless hit by a large object. I have had Xpel Ulitmate self healing PPF applied to the front bumper and entire hood of MY 2018 NIRO Phev. I plan on keeping the NIRO for a long time and I consider it money well spent. I like to keep the little car looking nice.

So far after 15K miles... no rock chips at all
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Mine has probably 10 chips in the paint already from rocks it seems a bit much to me for a car with 21500 miles. Id definitely protect it I think it chips easily. I just ordered some touch up paint.
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Actually I think the Niro has tougher paint than Toyota's. My Niro is 11 months old and has nary a paint chip in the front. My Prius by this time would have quite a few. I always thought the Prius had "soft" paint and chipped easily.

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I could see potentially that harder paint would chip more easily. Potentially the Niro does better than the Prius for a similar reason: softer substrate on the Niro - aluminum hood versus the Prius steel hood with a bit more give to an impact. Just speculation of course.

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