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Originally Posted by Beth View Post
I drove my 2019 PHEV premium 500 miles from CA to AZ yesterday. I noticed that in cruise control in HEV mode that I did get a few miles of battery charge on flat ground. This was NOT in sport mode. I try to turn off EV for long trips so I have battery if I want to nap with the AC on. I usually forget for a few miles after each stop. At one point I had 11 miles remaining. I was at 14 remaining when I got here.
that's what I do. One of the reasons I like this car so much.

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Originally Posted by atc98092 View Post
On a hybrid, the battery level should never drop as low as two bars. You generally see it vary between around 30-70%. The system is designed to keep the battery within that range. On my son-in-law's Ionic HEV, I think the lowest I've seen the battery readout is about 4-5 bars, but his battery display doesn't have the same number of bars that my Niro has.

On a PHEV, yes you can take it down to "nothing", although the battery is still around 20% when the car switches to hybrid mode. Looking at the battery level on the EV info screen, I've never seen mine go below about 16%. This is due to the fact that it's very bad for a battery to be completely discharged, so the engineers ensure that it's never drained completely. Same at the top end. Even when it shows 100%, there's still a little headroom before actually reaching the maximum charge the battery can hold. And as Charles mentioned, the Niro cannot charge the battery with the ICE. Switching top hybrid mode will save the battery at it's current charge level, but not add anything to the battery. Regen is the only way to add energy to the battery while in motion.
Mine is Niro HEV. Niro HEV will charge the battery whenever the engine kicks in, thats for sure and when coasting/braking. Its was actually our first time to have driven my Niro in a long drive from Winnipeg to moose Jaw (stayed overnight) then to Calgary. On our way home from Calgary to Regina(overnight) to Winnipeg. I kept our speed at 120-130 km/h usually while following a truck or trailer so as to benefit with the drafting effect. What i observed was the ICE charging the battery will also depend on the outside temp. Since it was about 32C that day, there were times when the ICE dont charge the battery(basing on the energy flow diagram) even though the SoC is at 1 BAR. On our way home, since we left early and still cold, the SoC never dropped below 50% or 4 bars. But in the afternoon SoC did go as low as 2 Bars because of the outside temp being at 30C.

Im not sure about the PHEV version but i think its like the outlander PHEV where the ICE will charge the battery up to a certain level then will revert back to EV and Vice versa. Its a sustained charging as some of you as saying.
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Niro HEV sports mode will definitely charge the battery faster since the engine Rev is higher er compared to normal EV mode. It is also more obvious in Niro HEV since it has a small battery compared to Niro PHEV. Niro HEV will also engage the ICE engine more and will stay on that state more in Sports mode than the normal EV mode.
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You really can't compare the HEV and PHEV in this regard. Two completely different systems, and don't really have a lot of parallels. The HEV has no method of externally charging the battery, so naturally the engine is used if the SoC drops too low. With the PHEV, you do have the ability to charge externally, so the programming is completely different from the HEV. My battery will drop as low as 16% before the car will switch to HEV mode, and if I keep the pressure on the throttle pedal below a certain value the ICE will never fire up if the battery has a sufficient SoC, and I can easily reach freeway speeds. You can't do that with the HEV. The ICE will fire up with any acceleration beyond slowly driving around in a parking lot.
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Yes. Problem keeping a charge in the 12 volt battery at high temperatures while climbing a mountain pass. Completely lost charge, air conditioner stopped working. Car could not be restarted until it was plugged in.
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