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Mitty49 - Thanks for letting me know . My car had been inspected by a third dealer who also said the locking pin was missing . After getting the car back with no work done it’s unexpectedly started working again - the invisible pin is now there and working again . Yes I agree it must be a pin problem. Seems strange that just a reset has fixed yours . Fingers crossed mine keeps working this time .....

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I had it back in the dealer last sept and its working since then. They told me they couldn't find anything wrong, they just reset the system and it seems to be working now. I'm sure it's a pin problem. I'd taken to videoing it everytime I charged it in case I got the red light, but luckily it's been OK. Fortunately my dealer hasn't fussed at all about fixing things sbf and it's been in 4 times with this. Last time time was 10 days but on that occasion didn't replace anything just reset it. Never have they blamed me for the problem. Maybe KIA UK are a bit more flexible.
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I have just had this problem, and saw a way to fix this on Youtube - do a search for Niro PHEV charging. The fix is to remove the chargeing cable and plug, open the bonnet and pull the orange knob that is used as an emergency release to unlock the plug. You need to pull this hard until you hear a loud click. This fix worked for me.
I think the issue is the lock that locks the plug sometimes gets stuck, and the electronics sees that the plug lock hasn't activated so won't initiate a charge - pulling on the manual release must get the lock working again. If this becomes a persistent problem then the plug locking mechanism needs to be replaced.

I had noticed when plugging in the charging plug, after a few seconds there is usually a large click as the green charge light comes on - the click being the plug lock activating. I noticed when this fault had happened that there was no click and after 15 seconds or so the red fault light would come on.

Here is the Youtube link:

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Hi, I have the european version of Niro PHEV, with the dashboard screen as on the video above ( i think it's first versions of phev). Had the same problem, went to my dealership, they said there is a problem with locking mechanism and asked to wait 2-3 weeks as they need to get the part from manufacturer. So I came home, and luckily found this thread. released orange button under the hood and it's started charging. Hope it will last... Thanks to everybody here for starting this thread!
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