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Two Charge Schedules - Need Opinion


So I've read on this forum that we "shouldn't" be charing our cars while there are hot - because it degrades the battery.

Currently, I have a charge schedule from 10pm to 6am - When I get back from work I plug in the charger but it won't start charging till the 10pm hits.

Now, when I get to work I have an option to use the 120v outlet but the car is hot. I know that KIA UVO allows you to set a secondary charge schedule. Question is are you able to overlap them together? Meaning the second charge would be maybe 30-40 minutes after you arrive to work i.e: get to work at 9 so the start is at 9.45am?

This would eliminate the issue with charging the car while its hot.

Thoughts? Thanks in advance.
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Just checked on UVO website. It doesn't allow you to have the secondary peak off time so not sure how could that be done.

Or If I know that I want to charge the car from 10PM and recharge(at work) at 9.30AM I would setup OFF PEAK TIME to be between 10PM - 9:30AM? and set OF PEAK TIME ONLY?

This wouldn't allow to charge the car before 10pm AND 9:30AM correct?

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Or this is opposite and will only allow charging from 10pm - 9.30am. IF that is the case the schedule would have to be reversed. Just doesn't seem like you can program it correctly with just one OFF PEAK TIME.
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lastly what is the difference between maximize off peak time and off peak time only.
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It's complicated.

First off I'm not sure where you got the 'don't charge it when hot' but that's strange b.s. This thing isn't some 100kwh battery that you are going to shove a massive fast charge down its throat. PLUS you have no indication at all whether the battery is hot when you arrive at your destination. What makes you think it's hot? The ice engine might be hot, the EV motor might be hot, but that doesn't mean the battery is hot. And additionally a level 1 charger isn't going to create much heat so even if the battery is hot you aren't going to harm anything at all with level 1.

Second. Yes the scheduling is a kluge. However if you want scheduling there's a couple work arounds and features to walk through. You can only put in a single peak period as you've indicated, but you can enter more than one scheduled charge time. In my case off peak is 9 pm to 7 am. So I set that interval as the off peak time. Then I enter 2 schedules. These charging schedules are governed by the proposed departure time. I have 2 departure times programmed. Time number 1 is 7 a.m. So that means if I come home at 6 pm from work and plug my car in, it will not charge until it hits the off peak time at 9 pm and then will start charging in order to be ready by 7 a.m. Of course it's done by midnight but fine. If it were level 1 it would take the whole time (I have a level 2 charger).

Departure time number 2 is 4 pm. So let's say it's Saturday and I run to the store at around 10 a.m. and come back and plug the car in, it is going to play to that 4 pm departure and start charging. If I came home early from work at 3:30 pm and plugged it in, it would charge until it hits 4 pm but then stops and picks back up after 9 pm (depending on the peak settings).

Which leads me to your 'optimize' question. Ignore off peak and off peak only are fairly straightforward....they are what they say. 'Maximize' means don't charge during peak times but if the departure time is 10 pm and off peak starts at 9 pm and you plug it in at 6 pm then it will start charging before off peak starts at 9 so that the battery is full by 10. i.e. it might start at 7:30 which is 2.5 hours from 10 pm departure (again using times from level 2 charge rate). In other words 'maximize' means it won't charge during peak hours unless your car isn't going to be fully charged by the departure time in which case it'll start during peak hours.

At work, there's no sane reason not to just plug it in on someone else's dime. There simply is no way a 110 outlet is going to pull enough power to exacerbate any heat the cooling fan would kick in if needed. Or if it still bugs you put the second departure time to be 5 pm (or whenever you normally leave work) and let the car figure it out as to when it wants to start charging when you are at work.

I don't know what you mean by you have it scheduled to charge between time A and time B. That's not least in my car it isn't. You enter up to 2 departure time which is two separate scheduled 'target' times to unplug and drive.

Last feature....simple override. I might come home from work at 5 which is during peak rate time. If I plug it in the car waits until 9. However let's say I know I have to leave in 2 hours at 7 pm to go to a school function for the kids or I need to go to a store, etc. Then I want it to charge right now and not wait. Plug it in then the green light blinks on and off. To the left of the steering wheel on the lower part of the dash is a row of buttons for turning features on/off. One of those has a clock signal. Plug the car in then press that button within 2 minutes (it might be 3) and that is a one time override. It says ignore my schedule and start now. Every once in awhile I do something that turns off the schedule permanently but that seems like a glitch because I haven't found a consistent reason. The button though is supposed to be a manual override.
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