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As a none Niro owner lurker / likely future Niro owner I have some observations on the safety nannies as experienced in a 2015 Subaru with Eyesight and a 2017 VW Golf with cross traffic warning and forward Collision Braking.

1. Subaru's lane departure only beeps (doesn't self correct) if I'm drifting off course, helpful, occasionally annoying.
2. Subie's CC that maintains preselected distance between vehicles is truly a pleasure when on freeway, makes driving much more relaxing
3. Both cars have autonomous braking and cross traffic alert and both those features helped alert me to traffic slowing when I'm spending too much time fussing with music or climate control or "sightseeing" (I know, I should be paying more attention to the road) or someone is approaching from side as I back up.

Personally, I could probably do OK without these, but believe they are safety features that will save sheetmetal and possibly a life in the future. Honestly I think they are worth every penny and wouldn't buy a car without these features.
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Originally Posted by cockedandglocked View Post
I like having it.

I had actually wanted a PHEV without it (to save money on a package that I thought I didn't need that much), but that wasn't available. I think it either comes standard with all PHEVs, or at least all the ones at my dealership had it. So, I "begrudgingly" bought one that had the package, and in hindsight I'm glad I did. I like it.

The lane keep assist could certainly use some help, but it's better than nothing. It certainly isn't as good as Tesla's autopilot - but it's a lot better than not having it at all.

The adaptive cruise control works great for me. Maybe I got lucky, but mine doesn't experience most of the negative aspects that people have been complaining about. Generally it's been flawless for me, except for 2 things:
1) When the car slows down to 6mph, it turns off... and if you're not careful to hit the brake when it does that, you'll hit the car in front of you. And then when the car in front speeds up, you have to manually turn the cruise control back on. This can be REALLY annoying in stop-and-go traffic, but I've learned to live with it.
2) When the car in front of me changes lanes (out of my lane) and then slows down, there's a period of about 3-5 seconds when my car's radar is still locked onto their car, and makes my car hit the brakes to slow down instead of hitting the gas to speed up. Eventually, the radar figures out that they aren't in the same lane anymore, and corrects itself, but usually not before the driver behind me gives me a dirty look.

People have reported that it always makes their car brake harder than it should, slowing too abruptly, but mine doesn't. If anything, it slows down more gradually than I would normally. I also like that it tries as hard as it can to keep the accelerator in the "eco" range - it won't go into the "power" range unless it really, really needs to... like when climbing a steep hill. As a result, I've found that I generally get higher MPG when I use adaptive cruise control than when I don't.
I fully agree with these statements. I also got the safety-pack with the PHEV LX and I'm now an addict of smart cruise control. It is even better on main roads at 55mph when passing is hard, it keeps you following the speed of the car in front of you with a reasonnable 3-cars space and if the front car goes too fast it then caps to your selected speed. Very appreciated on long drives.


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