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Advanced Tech Pkg: Worth it or Gimmick?

Hi all. For those of you with the Advanced Tech Package, what do you think of it? Is it worth it? I've read on here that some people are having difficulties with the AEB, and when I went on a test drive, sometimes the lane departure worked and sometimes it did not. Is it too new to be effective? I'm trying to decide on the EX with the Tech Pkg or without. Thanks!
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I really wanted it, but after much reading, I'm not so sure anymore. If you YouTube Tesla crashes, you will see a number of failures of autonomous braking. I believe their tech is the best around, so the Kia won't even meet their standard. Then Kia's lane keep is just an alert in the US, while in other markets it is a full assist. There is little reason why Kia could not upgrade that to a full assist as a software update in the future, but that is a big strike. Certainly if the tech package could avoid even one major accident or reduce its severity, it is well worth the money. I had a rollover a couple years ago that certainly would have been avoided, but that is the only incident in 45 years of driving that added tech would have worked to prevent.

Anyway, to me, the upshot is that the tech is not quite ready, and I cannot shake the feeling that it is a bad deal. Might as well keep the weight low - the tech package was the only reason for me to even consider the EX trim. Ten years from now, we won't even consider cars without similar tech and will expect it to perform well.
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I think it's worth it for the HID headlights, the foreword collision warning, and the smart cruise control. The other stuff I haven't really used that much. The LDW has helped like twice. I have never used the autonomous braking but if it will help prevent an accident one day I'm okay with it.
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I think there are still some bugs, but I think it'll be worth it. Down the line they could always work out the bugs and provide updates so I don't think you'll have to worry about that too much.
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Originally Posted by fernando View Post
I think it's worth it for the HID headlights,
That is not an option on the EX, only for top touring trims. So super expensive decision just to get the HID headlights. It would still be expensive but cheaper to retrofit HID to lower trim models.
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I definitely think it's worth it. You will think of them like cruise control once you have them and use them. That is, CC is so useful practically nobody gets a car without it. Except that CC is not a safety item. These options are safety items and could save you from a crash. Think what a bargain they would be if they save you the hassle and expense of just a fender bender--let alone an injury accident. The new Honda Civic buyers that passed over the driver aids are having severe buyer's remorse.

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Hmm...think of it like cruise control, eh? I've had my car for 18 years. I can't remember a single time I used cruise control. (And yes, my car does have it.) I'm betting the Smart Cruise Control will be the same for me. But the lane departure warning? I can see myself utilizing that. And the AEB. If they work...
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after getting too many speeding tickets, I learned to use cruise control. that was long ago
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I think you might like the smart cruise control better than regular kind, it is more relaxing driving knowing that it will keep you away from the car in front.

I wanted the safety features as I am getting older so I see worse, slower reactions, all that stuff, and anything that make it safer for me and others on the road is worth it to me.
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I like having it.

I had actually wanted a PHEV without it (to save money on a package that I thought I didn't need that much), but that wasn't available. I think it either comes standard with all PHEVs, or at least all the ones at my dealership had it. So, I "begrudgingly" bought one that had the package, and in hindsight I'm glad I did. I like it.

The lane keep assist could certainly use some help, but it's better than nothing. It certainly isn't as good as Tesla's autopilot - but it's a lot better than not having it at all.

The adaptive cruise control works great for me. Maybe I got lucky, but mine doesn't experience most of the negative aspects that people have been complaining about. Generally it's been flawless for me, except for 2 things:
1) When the car slows down to 6mph, it turns off... and if you're not careful to hit the brake when it does that, you'll hit the car in front of you. And then when the car in front speeds up, you have to manually turn the cruise control back on. This can be REALLY annoying in stop-and-go traffic, but I've learned to live with it.
2) When the car in front of me changes lanes (out of my lane) and then slows down, there's a period of about 3-5 seconds when my car's radar is still locked onto their car, and makes my car hit the brakes to slow down instead of hitting the gas to speed up. Eventually, the radar figures out that they aren't in the same lane anymore, and corrects itself, but usually not before the driver behind me gives me a dirty look.

People have reported that it always makes their car brake harder than it should, slowing too abruptly, but mine doesn't. If anything, it slows down more gradually than I would normally. I also like that it tries as hard as it can to keep the accelerator in the "eco" range - it won't go into the "power" range unless it really, really needs to... like when climbing a steep hill. As a result, I've found that I generally get higher MPG when I use adaptive cruise control than when I don't.
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