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Post Anyone else’s Niro do this?

1. Start car
2. Ice kicks in immediately (never used too) and makes definite ‘revving’ sound.
3. As I drive, mpg’s show low numbers, eg., 5-6mpg’s and upticks to 8, 10,12, 15mpg’s as I move forward down the road.
4. After driving about 1/2 mile, the mpg’s continue to increase to numbers in the teens followed by the 20’s to 30’s as I go
farther down the road.
5. After traveling about 3 miles, the mpg’s increase to 40’s to 50 mpg and then everything normalizes.

My Niro used to move up in numbers much faster than this. Does this behavior sound typical?
Just curious. I purchased in March 2017. Mileage is presently 6,670 mi. No other issues or problems.

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Sometimes my ICE kicks in at start, Mostly when it's a little chilly outside and it thinks it needs to heat the cabin.
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I think if you look at the EV indicator, you will usually start off in EV mode, even though the ICE starts running to warm the engine. Thus very low displayed instant mpg. I start off for three blocks like this, come to a stop sign, turn onto what becomes a highway and accelerate briskly, forcing the ICE to engage the drivetrain. Might as well use the engine for motive force while it is warming up.

So yes, completely normal.

None of this really matters that much, what matters is your average mpg, particularly as calculated after a fill up. I assume these numbers are OK? If so, don't get hung up on instant mileage, other than it points out that short trips will kill your average mpg.

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I may have seen something like this after my last fill. I go to a Chevron station around the corner and it's only about a mile away so I usually quickly see my normal Computer mpgs of 50. After this last fill it was very jerky and mostly staying 30 mpg or less even on my 2nd venture away from my house. It was so annoying and incorrect that I hit the reset for the trip B screen (it was at about 11 miles distance.) That seemed to burp it and my just completed road trip up to the Santa Barbara CA area, from Northridge CA, seems to be normal on the computer ie. 47mpg (it was a lot of highway). Quite frankly I think we would benefit from a KIA software update in regards to this questionable behavior. I don't understand why the computer readout is about 3 mpg above the math I do after fillup (and logged on Fuelly). Now maybe I've been wrong on trusting the past 3 car computers I've experienced but I'm very skeptical about our me, there's no real reason for it to be off.

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My calculated mpg has been between 0 and 6 mpg different (worse) than the displayed average mpg. That is as close as could be expected really. Most people do not keep logs so most manufacturers err on the optimistic side to keep customers happy. They hear a lot of complaints if they erred on the pessimistically.

If you think about the complex variables that go into a displayed estimation, it is amazing that they get it so close. Start with one "real" number, the minuscule amounts of gas per injection that are added up to billions of times over one fill up and integrated with the rest of the data. Add driving style, temperature, wind conditions, elevation changes, traffic conditions, and even if you top off your tank (I do) versus the really random "first" click.

In any case, if you are doing calculated fill up mpg, you now have a decent adjustment for the displayed mpg. You can do something similar with the displayed mph, and the odometer. You didn't think those were accurate either did you?

Most fill ups, my displayed and calculated mpg were like yours, 3 mpg different. So I use that as my expected mpg. I've already learned how to impact the results in driving style the last couple hundred miles of the tank, so I have a number of adjustments I use to predict final calculated number before I actually fill up.

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tonepad- if you're referring to the MPG varying right after a fillup, this is normal. Mine jumps all over the place for a few miles, until the computer has something to base MPG on. The only important thing is tank MPG. Even individual trips are a guesstimation. The more miles you put on the tank, the more accurate it becomes. I fill my tank to the click, ususally at the same pump. I think this is more accurate than 'topping off'. Not to mention not damaging to the EVAP system.. or if you want to pick nits, it's a little less weight. With my manual calculations for a year, I've found the car's calc. is usually, but not always, about 3-4% above manual calc., or roughly 2MPG. So that's the calc I use to estimate while driving.

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Thank you for explanation!
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Funny how we notice all these little things (I DO ALSO).

Keeps one guessing - Is something wrong? Is this normal?

Understandable when you have near $30K in a DANG car.

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