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Talking Hitch Info

Originally Posted by Johnxyz View Post
I thought you guys might get a kick out of this post on Niro chat from Europe! Here is the link to the thread if anyone is interested. I don't advocate towing just thought this was interesting

Hi all.
Just wanted to give feedback on my experience towing with the Niro Plug in.
So like a lot of others I was confused as to whether you could tow with the Niro. I spoke to Kia and got an email bac from them stating

"Apologies for my delayed reply, I have had a very busy few days.

A tow bar can be fitted to the Niro, however the official Kia ones are quiet pricey coming in just under £1000.

My advice would be to source one locally, I know a lot of companies like tow bar UK will fit tow bars for a third of that price.

Fitting a tow bar to a lease vehicle is fine all being it is done to a good standard with no major damage to the body work."

Also the manual with the car states that for all EU cars you can tow up to 1300kg with a braked trailer. There is nowhere that says "except UK models"

So with this info I ordered the Brink swan neck towbar £96 and the dedicated electrics £115 from PF Jones.
The installation was a doddle. It does say to lower the exhaust back box to get it in, however with a bit of careful manoeuvring I managed to fit it without doing this.
The dedicated electrics were also a breeze, 1 wire to the battery which is in the boot and one to earth then two wires for the Canbus which are situated against the back of the car under the storage compartment. It did have wires for "Trailer prep" which I don't think the UK car has as I couldn't find a plug for it to fit in to. When I have more time I will investigate this further,

So yesterday I picked up my new trailer from Ifor Williams and towed it the 40 miles home, the car pulled at 60 mph on the motorway with no problems on the straight, going uphill on a motorway bridge it did rev quite hard but stayed at 60mph. I forgot to run the car in Hybrid mode so the battery depleted quite quick on electric alone and then stayed at about 7% running in HEV for the rest of the journey. I would reccommens keeping a full battery and running in Hybrid mode so it has the power when it needs it. Other than that there were no issues.

My added comments would be that 1300 kg = 2866 lb ... I don't think your hitch-mounted carrier will come even remotely close to that. Now, the comment to add is that the capacity of the hitch-mounted carrier should not exceed the tongue weight rating for the hitch you choose to install.

Also, the whole thing is easy to install; I bought the Curt one, and my fiancee and I got it installed in about 1 hour without lifting the car: and we both have physical disabilities (back/neck problems for me, hip & back problems for her). No tools needed to lower exhaust. Second set of hands practically necessary, almost impossible without.

The wiring (which isn't relevant to many of you), is also pretty simple (used Curt harness). Hardest thing is to run the positive wire from the back to the front battery terminal... ground wire can be screwed into the back metal anywhere.


It's a relief that the previously quoted poster says in EU you can tow 2866 lbs, because I have no intention of towing more than 1500 ever (and even then, very rarely)... Usually, if I tow at all, I pull a small 4'x10' open utility trailer with a canoe on it, or two kayaks. The heavier situation is ONLY if both motorcycles are loaded onto the 4'x10'.


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Originally Posted by iamteeg View Post
Now, the comment to add is that the capacity of the hitch-mounted carrier should not exceed the tongue weight rating for the hitch you choose to install.
I disagree with this statement. Every manual that I read that mentions a hitch mounted carrier specifically says to half the rated tongue weight when using a hitch mounted carrier. It didn't give a reason, but I assume it's because the center of gravity for the hitch mounted carrier and it's content will be "roughly" twice the distance from the car vs the ball location. So the moment on the hitch mounting points ends up being the same.
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