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Angry Condensation Issue

So it's finally cold out and got the first snowfall last night. Drove to work this morning, got the snow off etc... I got out of work and my interior windshield and rear window was completely wet on the inside. I had to sit there for 5 minutes for the water build-up to evaporate. Does anyone else have this issue??
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Can't say, but fixing it it is almost always a heating/air conditioning problem. My old Chevy ran the air automatically to suck moisture out of the interior air in winter. Check out
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Turning on the window defogger doesn't help dry it out?
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haven't used the heater yet
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Originally Posted by Blackdog View Post
haven't used the heater yet
It snowed... but you haven't used the heater/defroster yet...
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I've never faced this issue. Turning on all defrosters and up the heat should fix this problem, but will take sometime.
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in the past, I've had heater core leaks that have caused this same thing.
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Me too

Hello, Today it was very cold below 20 degrees F. I got out of work and the inside of the entire windshield had moisture on it. I had to wipe it off with a rag. I also notice on the way to work the windows were fogging up and I had it on defrost mode and I turned on the AC button and it was still fogging up. I hit the recirculating button to on and then off and I noticed no change in noises. Which is telling me that this door mode is not working correctly and most likely is recirculating inside air all the time. Every once in a while a few months ago I notice just driving that the air noise changed all by itself and I had the heater controls set to manual not auto. I also notice today that no matter what mode I put the heater controls in that the OFF light on the right side of the heater control is always on. Maybe an issue??
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I've had it happen a couple times, usually when some humidity is trapped in the car. It was down around -20 before Christmas and there was frost buildup inside. Got most scraped off and when done driving, left one of the back windows cracked just enough to let the humidity drop. Still have some frost showing up, but it's manageable.
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To the question about the OFF light, if the one is the one in the picture, it's actually the passenger air bag indicator. You see it when no one is in the passenger seat. As for defrosting, we've gotten below freezing here on the east coast and 1) the seat and steering wheel warmers are amazing and 2) I found that using either of the front defrost modes (the leftmost button as seen in the picture) or the mixed defrost (the rightmost button below the OFF light, find the setting that does windshield and feet) coupled with the rear window defroster and, for the first 10 minutes, a temp higher than 75 cleared up and kept off condensation for me. If it was colder, likely would set it to top heat setting and fan to top as well. Much like my old Chevy. My wife likes to turn off the side vents, so I have to remember to open those up and aim them at the side windows. I turned the temp back to 72 afterwards. But the left button worked fastest for side and windshield glass. I believe that the air comes on automatically as well. See page 4-130 of the manual
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