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My Niro is a Lemon - should I get another one?

Hi, everyone,
Back in March, on day 2 of owning a brand new Kia Niro LX, our hybrid system gauge stopped working properly. Long story short, our car has been out of service for two months while Kia corporate attempts to replace the entire instrument cluster and calibrate the odometer so that it accurately reflects our car's mileage when we dropped it off for repair. Kia has graciously offered to refund us, or replace it, or compensate us for our inconvenience while we await our original car's repair.

My question for your new owners: are you satisfied with your Niro? Would you recommend it? We researched and test drove many cars (Honda HRV, Toyota Prius V, Ford C-Max, VW Sportwagon, etc.) before purchasing the Niro and felt really good about our choice, but now of course, we have hesitations about getting another Niro. It is just the car we want in terms of size, price and fuel efficiency, but buying the first model year vehicle has proven problematic for us!

I've read on this forum some other owners' issues with their engine misfiring and a 'stutter,' so I want to be sure we're making a wise choice.

Thank you in advance.

-a hopeful Kia Niro owner
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Well at this point I'd probably wait for the plug in version to at least compare prices.
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No issues with mine so far.. I'm at about 1200 miles.
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I absolutely love my car. I've had no issues, have about 1400 miles on it. At the last fill-up, I did the math and came up with 51.7mpg. And I have the Touring model. My only gripe is that using the AC will pretty drastically eat into my mpg, but that's a minor gripe, and true of any car I think.
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Just from how Kia stepped up to assume responsibility and make the situation right to your satisfaction should tell you to stay with Kia. Many of the other brands you were considering would not have been so forthright. One of the brands, in particular, you were considering is far worse than Kia in owner satisfaction (I won't mention any names but their initials are VW...)
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The main thing is they tried to deal with it asap and were perfectly good with you lemoning it and are willing to work with you. I would definitely wait and perhaps go back with a Kia because what you dealt with is exactly what you say, a lemon. Hopefully the next one will be full of many smiles per gallon opposed to any issues at all
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So far I am OK with my EX bouvht Feb 2017. Have something over 4000 miles.

That said, at times I am not sure there is not a slight or obvious "what to call it - stutter, mis, or something".

Unless it gets worse - I am not bothered by it.
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By the way -- What happened to the guy that had the severe "What to Call it - surging, misfire" problem? last I heard he was getting a new car.
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I have the LX and it's getting close to 2,000 miles and I'm very happy with it so far. As stated in a note already, the A/C cuts right in to the gas mileage. We've had some days with the temp down around 30 degrees and I think the heater cuts the mileage even more but it sure works great. In less than one minute you have hot air, that will sure be nice next winter when it's 20 below zero. I have had a ruff shift a couple of times at low speed, seems to be motor starts and shifts at the same time, but not sure about that either. I'll have to fill up tomorrow and will have
a good mpg check this time, with about 50% town and 50% Interstate..
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I love mine. Just did road trip from Atlanta to NYC and back. It was a dream.
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