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unable to lock my car!

First of all, I couldn't figure out how to search this forum to find an answer to my question. All search buttons lead to outside sources that were not only unrelevant, but also mostly advertisements!
Therefore, if my problem has been previously discussed, I apologize. I could not figure out how to find it.

My problem is that today, my 2nd day of ownership of this new car, I am totally unable to lock it. It won't even LET me do it manually. Having paid about $30,000 for this car, I sure as heck don't want it to get stolen on me! Yesterday, my 1st day of ownership, I was able to use my "key" to lock & unlock it with no problem. But, today, there is something that is preventing me from doing so. What COULD THAT BE????? Of course, calling "it" a "key" is a euphemism, b/c it's really a horrible thing that has no way to attach it to any kind of key ring.

Help me! Please! Pretty please???? This BRAND NEW driveway is, right now, sitting in my driveway, unlocked. And I did NOT pay any additional money to get that GAP insurance. So, if it were to be stolen tonight, I'd be looking at a HUGE loss due to the amount of my loan and the already depreciated value of my car (happens as soon as you drive it off dealer's lot because it is now a USED car rather than a new one.

I am SO very hoping for some great answers REAL SOON!!!!
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What happens when you manually push the power lock button on the door handle?

Is your spare key sitting in the car? If so, that would be the answer. It's a safety feature so you don't lock yourself out.
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Well, you should have two keyfobs, and if both aren't working (you've tried both?) Can you lock the car from the inside? That is, sit in it and make it lock using the door lock and unlock buttons?

Of course, you should be able to hit the little fob on the keyfob that pulls the fob open and reveals the manual door lock key? It's in the manual on page 4-11.
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He said he was able to Lock and Unlock using Key the first day of ownership. I assume that would discount possible having extra key in the car (unless he put it in there later).

He said it won't let him do it manually, not sure what that means.

AS I SEE IT - anyway is somewhat manual: Push buttons on key, have key in pocket and push button on door handle, push buttons inside the car, or actually use the little thingy that you pull out of the key and use if the key does not work (That would be the most manual of all).

Seems we need clarification on what is going on.

THAT SAID -- I would go to the Dealer immediately if none of those above worked.
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I would just remove the negative battery cable from the regular battery and wait one minute and re-attach it again. Without looking at the engine bay my best estimate is that he'll need a 10 mm wrench or socket.
I do this whenever my 2010 Kia Soul throws out a "check engine" message and so far it always cancels the message and doesn't return. It only happened maybe three times in seven years, so I'm not complaining.
By the way, you should always check the engine oil and coolant level before, also the fanbelts.

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This sounds very much like the second key fob is in the car, and not allowing you to lock. Or in a purse, case, or something you bring out to car with you. HybridNewbie, can you locate your second keyfob, and put it in house, then try again to lock?

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I'm assuming you probably figured it out by now, but if not I'll tell you how.I had a similar problem with an 04 kia. First I couldn't unlock the the driver's door, and later the side door. But previously I had something in the trunk of my nisson sentra trunk and couldn't open it. And so, was very determined to get it open. I got some DW 4O and it worked like magic.
But make sure you have a dry rag handy, if it gets on the paint and stays there for a while, it could stain your paint, leaving a tinged color where ever it drips.
And make sure you don't lose that stick attachment to get in small places. Like me, you may have to use it until you get rid of it. And in real cold weather, attach your keys to the stick attachment and keep it in the house. When it's 10 degrees out and you leave it in the car, it won't spray.
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lol, another one post wonder..

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