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Strange rattle/sound in front driver door area

Have a new Niro LX for a couple of weeks, liking it a lot so far. Today we noticed a strange sound in lower driver door area. It sounds like a marble (or maybe a screw) rolling forward when I'm braking, and then rolling the other way when I start back up. Also, it might do it a few times, then nothing for a while, and then start back up. I had my girlfriend drive it this evening and she noticed the same sound.

Will monitor it again tomorrow, but I am wondering if anyone has experienced this before? I would like to be able to pin it down a bit before I contact the dealership.

Any thoughts on this issue?

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This may not be the issue but take a look to see if you have black protective tape over the chrome that forms the window frame. If that tape is starting to come off, you will get a noise .. flapping. I had the tape start to come off on the back passenger window a few weeks ago, removed it (it just pulls off). Last week the tape on the front passenger side started to come off just at the mirror and it took 2 days for us to clue in. But it did not sound like a marble rolling ..
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Check where you put sunglasses. I took my car in for a weird sound that ended up with the mechanic taking out my sunglasses and the sound going away.
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Maybe there's change lying around and it's sliding back and forth when the car moves? If there's really nothing loose that you can see, maybe bring it in to a check.
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Dear Stephan,
What was the outcome at the service station?
I do have the same problem, the garage doesnít have a clue.
Thanks in advance,
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Is it possible the noise might come from under the seat? There are ridges under the seats so if something rolls under the seat from the back, it doesn't roll forward or come back out. I had a soda bottle roll under the seat and it was "in limbo" for a day or so. Just a thought.
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Shake the door back and forth quickly on the hinged axis on a 12" or so arc (Don't go full open or you could end up with a sprung hinge). See if you ear the shake rattle and roll. If you do, take it to KIA and let them figure it out. It is possible that something fell down between the window and the door frame, someone left something inside the patient, or something just came loose.

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Iíve heard a similar rattle sound. It ended up being the drivers seatbelt where it attaches to the floor behind the drivers seat near the door. Once the seat belt has more tension it didnít rattle, but still comes and goes.
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strange sound

I went to the garage. They do not find it. They open all tunnels in the door panel, removed the gummies etc. Still there. Next week episode 2. I Keep you posted.
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Hi all from Canada! First post. Brought my EX back in April and love my Niro. I also too have this rolling noise like a marble or screw in my front passenger door panel. It is intermittent and of course during test drive with technician i could not get the sound to develop however I have taken video of the sound. They have taken apart the door panel 3 times to find nothing! Will subscribe to the post.
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