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I've been setting up the radio and I've run into an issue that I haven't been able to figure out. Siumply stated: how do I delete/remove a preset? I have a few duplicate channels/stations.
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As I remember, you just need to go to the "Presets" tab and add/remove your presets channels there. I'm gonna double check it later today.
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I've a Touring. I've seen better. You can't rearrange the presets easily, just long press a preset and it becomes the channel you are on. (My wife has more than once reset a preset that way.) So write down the order you want and just get it done. It's a PITA. I ended up with channels I rarely listen to on the last few presets simply because I couldn't get rid of them. If anyone knows better, love to get the info.
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Thanks. It's nice to know that I'm not alone. I've tried the same, moving or adding channels to kinda get what I want/don't want in "my" order, but still have duplicate radio stations. I think I'll over ride a few of the duplicate stations when I'm in a different area that I sometimes go to.
I chatted with a SiriusXm "specialist" for a half hour one day & he/she/it gave up & provided a phone # for a higher up "care" specialist. So talked to her & I then found out that presets are different than setting up my channels selections when I registered. Those selections are for the on-line streaming only to my computer. So the car presets are unique to the car and an app setings are unique to the app. Not user friendly as sending a setup on one device could sync to all devices. all of my Google stuff does! They probably have different servers doing different [or maybe the same] things.
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