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It's Dead Jim

I'm a doctor not an engineer. Well not a medical doctor...but still. Always wanted to use that line.

Plugged in over night. Checked before bed and it was about 95% charged. Got up this morning and it's completely dead. No dome light, can't even open the hatch. No dash lights. Nothing. There was a blinking red light on the dash (that one that glows green when it's charging). I unplugged the car then plugged back in and even the blinking red light went away. I can't get any response at all from the car. Wish me luck.

By the way. What kind of idiot puts an emergency release on the inside of the hatch but requires a key to use it? Why wouldn't you just put a pull latch? Still can't get that stupid thing open.

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In the PHEV version the 12V battery is separate. It was stone dead. I had to jump start it with my daughter's 1997 Honda Civic!! Honda makes a great car. Anyway. I was able to get it going. I ran a diagnostic on it using the UVO thingy and it said I had 'Multiple BMS problems, this requires roadside assistance' and then it asks to I want to send the info and I said yes and it transmitted something and then dialed roadside assistance. However....thus began 30 minutes of frustration. First it's a 'press 1 for' type thing and there's no number pad to dial anything. After 10 minutes or so of trying to talk to it, I was connected to a person. This person thought I was calling from some area code I've never heard of. presumably the car is assigned a phone number wasn't calling via my phone. So I told him my cell number then he asks for my VIN. What? Isn't that the whole point of the fancy electronics and dialing automatically? I couldn't get him to let me explain my situation so I asked for his manager. Then I got put on hold for 20 minutes and finally hung up. My engine light is on...which is ironic since that's not the problem. I wish the vague engine light thing would just go into the dustbin of history. I pressed the request service button and it went somewhere so hopefully my dealer got that and if not I'll just call them tomorrow. Luckily this was at home. Oh and when I got it running with the jump start the first thing it said was that the auxillary battery saver was used while parked. i.e. the high voltage battery activates to charge the 12V battery but will only do that so much. Either a) there's a drain somewhere on the 12V batter that's pulling juice or b) software hiccup hence the battery management system warning or c) both. We shall see.
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How frustrating. Good luck.
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Sounds like something repeated drained your 12 v battery. The reset (recharging) of the 12 v is limited to something like 12 times so the traction battery doesn't drop too low, but somehow it apparently did anyway. Quite disturbing. Even in that situation, I had thought the engine would run to provide for driving and recharging. Apparently not!

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