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Question Auto Climate Overriding Manual Settings?

Hi everyone! I just bought my 2018 Niro LX last week and it's fantastic! My only issue is the climate settings. I didn't notice the issue the first few days, but over the weekend when I got back in the car after working out, I wanted ice-cold AC on my face, right then. I had the 'Climate' screen up and the 'Auto' button was NOT on, but when I tried to set the fan to my face and turn on the A/C and recirculation, the logo in the center showing the fan started flashing 'AUTO' and showing the front defrost logo. No matter what I did, it kept reverting back to 'Auto' and front defrost. Later it was off the front defrost and back on to the body/feet. I have no idea why it finally decided to cooperate.

I've read the manual and tried looking online, but can't find a reason or a fix for this! Or is there a way to change what I guess is maybe the default from the front defrost to the fan?

I just want to feel the A/C through my hair! It's very important when you live in Texas.
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I've never used the screen too much. I just have the A/C set on auto and when I want really cold air I just turn the temp down to 65. It automatically goes to recert. and max fan.

Gene Daytona Beach Beach, Fl.
2018 Kia Niro LX 7/11/18-
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I hadn't been using the screen, but I would notice that even if I pushed the recirculation button, it would turn back off, or changed the fan, it would revert to front defrost. I pulled up the climate screen to see if there was something there I could do. Does your fan actually blow on you when you have it set like that? Or does yours also go to front defrost?
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Not sure of the differences between the HVAC in your LX and my EX Premium, but I've never had mine change from a manual setting back to auto. The settings even carry over between stops. The only guess I might have is that there was something in the detected conditions that the system felt that defrost was called for. No idea if the cars have a humidity sensor or something else that might trigger some sort of programming logic.

2019 Kia Niro PHEV EX Premium

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I'm not sure either about humidity sensor. I just leave mine on auto all the time. I've noticed that it stays on recirculate almost all the time all by itself. I've never had it change by itself from blowing out on your face to defrost. I've only used defrost a few times in the winter or when we travel up north. I've always had to push the defrost button to get it to do that. When it's on auto I've had it change to blow on your feet when it's cold. I'll have to pay more attention to it this winter.

Gene Daytona Beach Beach, Fl.
2018 Kia Niro LX 7/11/18-
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I fixed this on my 2019 PHEV when I first got it, based on what my salesman advised when I called him back to complain about the same issue.... I believe that when the auto-defrost is running, if you push the defrost button and hold it for approximately 5 seconds, that function will be turned off and defrost will be manual-only from then on. I hope I'm remembering this correctly!
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I too live in Texas and have experienced the same thing. No matter what mode I select it would automatically change it to defrost.

The next time I drive my Niro I’m going to hold the defrost button for 5 seconds and will see what happens.
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Yes, the ADS (auto defog system) can be toggled off by pressing the defrost button for two seconds (which will stay at chosen setting until changed again manually). I've never used the auto button, have enough trouble using the manual controls. ADS definitely screws up manual climate control so I have no doubt that it screws up auto as well.

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What would be good for the majority 80% of the country is not good for the 20% that live in Texas and Southern California. You are correct in it is the automatic defog system that is set to protect you from getting a fogged up window. But as the car doesn't realize that you are in Texas and just came out from the gym so it is you that is sweaty and humid, not the weather outside, it would kick in the system rather than blasting the AC at the actual source that needs cooling.

For the vast majority of users, the Auto works for most every need and we don't have to adjust anything. Now I personally find in the summer that auto tends to send far too much cold air to my feet that are rather large for my own liking. Also that in the winter it likes to try and heat the whole car that is sort of a waste when I am generally the only person driving inside the car. I prefer just to use the electric seat warmer and heated steering wheel as that along with a coat is more than adequate. I then must manually control turning on and off the climate control to stop the windows from fogging up. I do this as I have found I can squeeze an extra 1L/100km out of the car in wintertime as the engine stays warmer longer and doesn't need to constantly run just to provide heat. I might forgo this and splurge the extra $50 for the winter in increased gas usage, but habits are hard to break.

2018 Niro EX - Ocean Blue
GTA - Canada.
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Boy y'all sure have me confused (another Texan here...). I press defrost and it defrosts. That's it. Never had a problem with it. Our default must be different... And I guess I don't want auto defrost! Sounds like a good idea though...

Also, I can't get enough cold air on my feet... I set it to upper and lower and a bit goes down but not much.

I get air on my face by moving the left vent (or right in the passenger seat) to my face. The one to the right of the steering wheel can also be sent more up or more to the face. I fiddle with them depending on how I feel...
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