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I just put a Curt Class III hitch on mine, and a brake controller.

I will be pulling about #2000, maybe 3 or 4 times. The rest of the time probably never use it.

The engine has more than enough umph to pull it, and pull it quite easily. I think the ladder frame chassis is rather small and obviously not designed for this sort of work.

Kia did design the frame with bolt holes and nuts welded into the frame to have a hitch installed. I do believe their intent though is for bike racks and the like. A Class A or 1 trailer will work absolutely fine (1000# limits). My Class III setup is very unique in that I have a braking axle on my trailer also. I am very experience with trailers. I know and understand how to drive with a trailer more than most. I chose the Class III setup also because the 2" square is the most common and versatile.
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