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Recommendations for Washing/Cleaning/Detailing

Hello Everyone,

As I've said here before, my Niro is my first NEW car EVER. (I'm 55...owned a lot of cars but never bought one new before). So it's sort of my baby and I'm very pleased with it. (I have had it for about 3 months, 3000 miles, including a trip from ATL to NYC and back!) IN fact the only thing I don't LOVE about it is that I have to spend some amount of energy worrying about scratches and so on...LOL never really cared before!

Do y'all have recommendations for products to clean the outside? I have heard that any sort of car wash product is good (but NOT household soaps like dish soap etc. oops I've been guilty of that in the past on other cars). Do you agree that CAR shampoos are more or less the same? There seem to be so many different products. And you use a wax or something? Or do you use a wash and wax in one?

I got leather seats (on an LX, had them installed thru dealer as part of the purchase). I have heard that Armor All is not that good for leather seats. There are pastes and liquids and to decide?

Finally, I want the dash and the screens to maintain that new look...what products do you recommend? My screen is already getting sort of dirty, attracting dust and dirt. I've been using those dust wipes that trap the dust in them...and not any sort of liquid...but it looks like it'sg etting a little smudged so what do you think I should use on it to clean it?

Thanks for any advice.... Liz
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Good luck with your new dream car. Sounds like you intend to take good care of it.

Sorry, I can't recommend much for that type maintenance. I don't do much on any car I have owned (many in 56 years of ownership) except wash outside (not frequently) with car wash that supposedly also has some wax in it and wipe inside with whatever.

Mine are garage kept - never had any problems with paint. All my cars have had cloth seats (I like better than leather), but the NIRO has leather and cloth combination seats.

Maybe, I should think about preserving the leather.

Maybe could use cloth used on computer monitor for the instrument panel?
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I like ArmorAll's car wash a lot. It removes road grime well but doesn't touch the wax. Dishwashing soap removes the wax and so will some of the car wash soaps that claim they don't remove the wax (Meguiars, I'm looking at you.) There are lots of good videos on Youtube that show how to detail your car right.

I like Meguiars claybar, especially before the first wax, as it will remove rail dust and other sharp stuff stuck in the paint. It's also good to safely remove bugs.
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Bigmura- go to Youtube, search for Chrisfix. He has a channel with everything cars from washing your car, to maintenance, to driving tips.
Excellent advice and videos.
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Also, I got a couple cans of Scotchguard Auto and am going to do the seats and carpet while they are new.
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Meguires Synthetic X-Press Spray wax. It can be used on almost all surfaces inside and out and it wont stain the Plastic Trim. The down side is it only comes in Gallons and you most likely will have to order it. Just do a Google search and you will be able to locate a seller. And always use a car wash product and not Dish soap.
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