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Active LKA

I just noticed something in my manual and the LCD menu today, that I never knew about before, and wanted to share if anyone else is curious.

A common complaint I've seen about the Lane Keep Assist system is that it's not very aggressive. It waits until you've pretty much left the lane, and then gently nudges you back in, then waits for you to pretty much leave the lane again.

Apparently, that's because the default setting for LKA is "normal". There is also an "lane departure warning only (LKA off)" mode, and more importantly a "Active LKA mode."

About the active LKA mode, the manual says:

"The active LKA mode provides more frequent steering wheel control in comparison with the standard LKA mode. Active LKA can reduce the driver's fatigue to assist the steering for maintaining the vehicle IN THE MIDDLE OF THE LANE."

I just turned mine on, I'm about to take it for a spin and see how different it is, will report back!

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Just tried it out for a few miles on mixed city streets and some highway. It's still not perfect, but it's far better than before. It corrects the lane drift BEFORE you are outside the lane, making the car act much more like it's supposed to rather than looking like there's a really drunk driver behind the wheel. It's not obnoxious, though. It still let's you drive and stear as usual, it only reacts when you're a little too much out of the center of the lane, but finally it doesn't wait until I'm almost all the way in the other lane to react anymore! Definitely recommend you guys check it out. Note that it still does the same "put your hands back on the wheel" warning and deactivation if you don't put your hands back on the wheel. So it's not self-driving by any means, and shouldn't be treated as such, but it's a great added layer of protection to keep you in your lane.

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I made the LKAS active when I first got the car (I knew about the option before buying from the Ioniq forums). Then I found it annoying and often pushed the dash button to turn it off completely. I like how the car feels and handles with it off and it certainly likes to go in the direction pointed, not a lot of correction needed. But after a week of trials, I decided the safety benefits outweighed the active LKAS annoyance and leave it on other than some unusual circumstances where it cycles on and off constantly tugging you in the wrong direction - narrow roads at night for example.

But after reading your post, I'm going to try normal LKAS. I think that might be a better fit for me. No doubt it will still give you a sharp tug when at off ramps when you want to go straight, but I think it may give a more normal steering feel for regular driving and still have the safety benefits.

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