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Leave the car running w/ac in summer?

Hi all. Just a thought. It doesn't happen often for me, but sometimes it's necessary to keep the dogs in the car for a few mins while I run an errand. With my current car, I'd leave the ac on in the summer full blast for the pups. With keyless entry, is that still possible? I guess just as before, I'd leave the key in the car? The difference is that my current car is a 98 Civic whose value is less than 1k total. The Niro is a brand new car worth ~30k. Do you get one fob or two with the niro? Any way to lock it and unlock with spare? Thanks!
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I don't think you can lock the car with it on at all. With the key fob in, it probably wouldn't let you lock it either. New cars with keyless seem to have this issue quite often.
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You get two fobs. I'll try to check on the spare locking/unlocking, but I do remember if you leave the car and take it with you, the car stays on (not sure if it will auto shut off after a certain amount of time).

I'd also check with your local jurisdiction if leaving the dogs inside with no one in there is legal anymore. It no longer is where I'm from.
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Where I'm from that's a huge no-no as well and could very well result in someone breaking your window to let them out and calling the police to hand you a hefty fine and probably take those pups away from you too.
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Not a dog person.....but you can take the key part of the fob out.....lock the door with the key....then you have to unlock the door with a key.......I do not leave the car running but I use that all the time when I paddle in salt water!
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kprenesti, something ELSE we have in common! I'm going from a really crap car where I don't ever worry about damage or theft, to this Niro. Can't complain at all, but it's something I'm not used to have to be concerned about.

And, I also have dogs that I leave in the car for a minute too.

Thanks for the idea about the key, lrpavlo!
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