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Radio playing issues

Just picked up my new EX yesterday and enjoying it so far. There seem to be a few radio quirks that are frustrating me though.
First, it seem that you are able to just play the radio for a very short period of time on ACC without getting a warning to "Turn the car on because the battery will be drained". This means I can't listen to the radio while waiting in the parking lot during the wife's shopping sprees, without having to turn the car on and having the engine running from time to time. There are many other times I just want to park and listen to the radio and it would also be frustrating to have to keep turning the car on. Is the 12 volt battery section that small where playing just the radio for an hour or so will drain it so the car won't start?????

The second thing that I can't figure out has to do with the Radio Pre-Sets. I have figured out how to set them easily, but there are "40" pre-sets and I only want to use about 15 of them. I would like to delete all of the 16 thru 40 pre sets, so I could just cycle 1 thru 15 then back to 1 using the steering wheel control. Now I have to cycle 1 thru 40 and then back to 1, or I have to cycle 1 thru 15 and then backward cycle back down to 1. Hope this makes sense.

Any help or suggestions you can give would be appreciated.

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The battery problem seems to be real. You can place your number 1 station on 1 and then while it is playing scroll down to position 16 and memorize it, etc. Only way I can think of. Love the sound quality of the Touring w/ Technology package.
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Just repeat 1 thru 15 on preset 16 thru 30 so #16 is same channel as #1, etc.
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