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Cruise control disables when radar is obscured

I have "Smart Cruise Control" which has worked pretty well. The only annoyance I have found so far is that if the radar gets obstructed (for me this was slush build-up) the cruise control is totally disabled: not just the "smart" part, but all of it. I understand that SCC needs the radar to detect cars in front, but I would prefer that it fall back to "dumb" cruise control with an appropriate warning message when the radar is down.

Since the radar is mounted below the bumper I also anticipate that a minor collision with a curb could take it out, and then I am without cruise control until it can be fixed, for presumably a large sum of money.
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Did you try turning off the "smart" cruise control to get the regular cruise control to work?
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Originally Posted by NJ Niro View Post
Did you try turning off the "smart" cruise control to get the regular cruise control to work?
I couldn't figure out how to do that, but I was driving at the time so I didn't want to pull out the manual. I'll take a look to see if that is an option. Either way, if the smarts can be disabled, that is what the car should do on it's own. It displays a very clear warning that the autonomous braking is disabled, so it could do the same for SCC.
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I don't think the car should disable the smart portion of cruise control on it's own. That could just plow you into the car ahead unless you have been properly warned. If the radar is disabled, the AEB isn't going to work either.

Personally, I hate smart cruise control. I might like it if I frequently drove in heavy multilane traffic and wanted to zone out in one lane, but I don't do either. I've tried it a few times, but keep having it brake unexpectedly when a car ahead has almost completed a right turn and there is no way to hit it. Regular CC doesn't miss a heartbeat under those conditions. I don't even get a proximity pre-AEB warning.

Right hand side of steering wheel, bottom left button is to adjust the smart cruise distance a car length at a time. But if you hold it for three seconds, you will have an option on the LCD behind the steering wheel to change it from smart to regular. This is supposed to stay "sticky" for next time the CC is engaged after turning car off. However there seems to be a bug as mine does not. I don't even get the screen with the choice when depressing the distance button, but it does toggle from one mode to another (doesn't say which one). So every time I use the CC, I forget to toggle, engage, disengage, depress for three seconds, and engage again.

I'd be interested to know if that is everyone else's experience too (I realize most may just leave it in "smart"). But if folks could play with it, that info will help when I bring this to the dealer's attention.

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