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Originally Posted by NJ Niro View Post
I've had my Niro Touring for 5 months and 9,000 miles and it's been great. I got it when i did because a lease was ending on my wife's car. If your current vehicle is still doing the job, then there is no need to rush to make a purchase. It is interesting that the 2018 hasn't come out yet and will be interesting to see what changes they make when it does arrive.
Yeah, that's my current "problem". My RAV4 works just fine despite its high mileage. I think my plan will be to wait until the 2019s Niros are out and buy a new 2018 leftover from the KIA lot for a (more than likely) big discount. I figure this will be around a year from now and will give KIA enough time to solve whatever small issues are found.

Originally Posted by fernando View Post
Although the Ioniq is more efficient, the rear legroom wasn't as good as the Niro and it was a tad lower, that's what made me decide to get one over the other. I test drove the ray 4 hybrid and although I liked it and the AWD, I didn't anticipate the AWD to be that handy for me so I went with the better MPG, and I really like apple car play which the toyota didn't have at the time.
I still haven't tested the RAV4 Hybrid, its MPG is a tad disappointing to be honest. Supposedly the new gen RAV4 will come out next year so I'm curious to see what kind of MPG the Hybrid trim will get (another reason why I'm not pulling the trigger on the Niro just yet).
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