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Originally Posted by Davidroger1 View Post
i was searching for the best baby convertible car seats and some issues related to them i found this discussion. i really want some suggesions if you have experience with babies car seats please guide which is the best convertible car seat for my new born baby which will be the most comfy and quality product for my baby?alsosome of my friends told me it is not safe enough for Newborn baby.Anyone has suggestions?
Not sure you need a big protector like that for a newborn or any kid (I have a 3 year old). Most messes kids make will stay in their seat. I do take a towel and put it under the car seat before I install it, more to protect the car from the seat than from the kid.

We had a Chicco KeyFit30 infant seat when she was an infant and now have a Graco 4Ever for her convertible. Happy with both. PS I would certain recommend an infant seat at first. Might be cheaper to go straight to the convertible but, if money isn't a major issue, you will be very happy with being able to pull a sleeping baby in and out of the car without rousing them by pulling them out of the seat. Maybe not at the newborn stage when they'll probably sleep through it, but certainly at a few/several months when they very well may not.
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