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The price of a base LX is just $380 more than an FE. But there is a big cost in fuel efficiency drop between the two models, at least the EPA ratings. In an attempt to match the FE efficiency on my LX (would have preferred the FE but wanted the tech package), I've removed the roof rails (probably worth 1.5% gain), the left outside mirror (about a 2.5% gain), and removed a net 40 pounds (probably less than 1% gain). More depends on driving style and temperature and wind conditions than my modifications, but the mods benefit efficiency regardless of the other variables. I'm expecting to average over 50 mpg this summer, and hoping for over 50 mpg annual average. Depends on how much high speed freeway driving I do. On this fill up with daytime temperatures in the 50's, I'm on track to do 600 miles.

2018 Kia LX HEV Metal Stream with Advanced Tech
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