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Originally Posted by rckollman View Post
i just purchased a new 2018 niro and am getting exceptional gas mileage. my range is 571 mile per tank. my first fillup was 8 days after leaving the KIA showroom.
i traveled 508 miles and added 9.265 gallons to my small tank (54.83 mpg). so far so good. i was wondering if running the air conditioning and bluetooth google maps and any other electric devices will have a affect on mileage. i really want good mileage. i traded my rav4 with 130k miles in for this and was not getting good mileage...but never had a problem with that car. the fact that my wifes samsung can bring up maps on the display with audio is outstanding. although cargo space is less than the rav4 it still gets my mother-in-laws walker in there. push button start take getting used to. i did attempt to lock the car and was not able to do so since i seemed to have forgot to turn the car off. it is so quiet. (bad move that) i am still reaching for my keys. i also love the rear video, but still check left and right before backing out.

i try to always drive in the double green area for best fuel economy and will continue to do this. i do take my foot off the gas to get back into the double green eco area when i am paying attention. i have only had the car for 2 weeks but am very happy so far. as my friends say....tell me in three months if you still love it
It shouldn't. Accessories (all) are powered by the 12v lithium ion ferrite core battery that is inside the main hybrid battery housing, totally separate from the hybrid battery so your accessories should have NO bearing on your mpg. Since you said you're in Florida, don't be fooled by some posts that swear that the 12v battery is in the cargo area/side wall, in the US models it is NOT, it's located within the hybrid battery housing.............. from what I've read MANY times over, the A/C is run all electric, heat however, is just like a regular car,,,,,it depends on the engine warming up, and heat will drastically reduce your mpg's..........I live in the very norther tip of NY state, 30 miles south of Canada/Quebec, and our winters, this past winter was our first Niro winter, our mpg dropped to the high 20's.........may have gotten better with longer trips...........spring summer fall,,,,,,,,, this car! we bought ours, Niro EX, last July,,,,,,,our summers here in Norther NY can be as bad as your Florida summers, hot and high humidity...........I didn't notice too much difference in mpg with the A/C on and that makes sense since it's supposedly run by battery only, not sure if that would be the 12v or the hybrid battery......probably the 12v........... I guess the only cars with a true electric heater core are the full EV electric only cars.
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