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The Prius V failed because it only gets 38 to 42 mpg. That's not that great for the absurd look of the car, inside and out.
The C-Max (Energi) failed because it simply costs too much. It is a fantastic car and can be obtained for about $12K now, new about $32K.

Ford and Chevy have produced Hybrid and Plug In hybrid since 2012. (Focus EV, Fusion Energi, and C-Max Energi) Ford messed it all up simply by using the word Energi. Nobody knows what that means. They should have just said Plug-In Hybrid.

The Chevy Volt is losing sales to it's only cousin the Bolt, which has nothing at all in common with the Volt.

Toyota is going to win the entirely electric car when they make Hydrogen powered cars normal car priced. (Hydrogen the most abundant element in the Universe, and when used in the car produces H20, that's pure water)

Don't get too excited about this entire topic. Alternative fueled cars make up less than 1% of the market, and just because we are in it, we already embrace the change. We are decidedly in the minority.
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Former C-Max owner here...just turned in my leased car 03/13/18. I liked the C-Max and found it very useful in cargo space and kinda peppy for a Hybrid...very much so against a Prius. They are very common in SoCal but alas it wasn't enough to keep Ford standing behind it in America as a Hybrid. They are all over Europe...pedominantly as Diesels but that picture will probly change soon as the EU clamps down on the Diesel issue. Europeans like diesels since petrol is so expensive there. They're lagging behind the Hybrid/EV future, and I don't think Ford will change that. The C-MAx as a design is very long of tooth and can only be changed so much. I'm not aware of Hyundai/Kia's footprint in the EU...I think they have a presence.

I took delivery of my '18 Niro Touring and it blows the C-Max outta the water in almost every way. I'm pretty sure that impression will grow over my Honeymoon period. My initial positive C-Max impressions never subsided, but I can't support a Car Co. that doesn't support its own products. This is why I'm a Lessee. Who knows where any car company will be in 3 years. I hope Kia continues to be a leader in this arena...they are the top for me today, and I'd like to believe I can stay with them beyond my lease period.
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