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Question Negotiating Tactics

I'm getting ready to go look at a Niro that I have my eye on. I have bought lots of cars over the years, but this will be the first NEW car I've ever owned. I'm really dreading the negotiation. I do NOT want to pay too much, but on the other hand, I'm not really good at poker face and all that. I know that there's not a lot of wiggle room with the price, but I also know there is SOME...and I want to do the best I can.

Here's my specific question: I plan to pay in cash. Should I reveal that at the beginning of the negotiations, or whip that out at the end to get more leeway in the price...>? I would assume that a dealer would rather do a cash sale..much less paperwork and time involved.

I'm not a poker player...I'm the type to put all my cards on the table. What do you suggest? Also, any other tips for getting the best possible price? Thank you!
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The cash deal won't save you anything. In fact, when my sister bought her Sonata last year it was cheaper to take out a loan even though she wanted to pay cash. The dealers often get rebates from the finance companies. It saved her $1k to finance it and just pay the loan off quickly.

The best way to negotiate, in my opinion, is to get price quotes from several dealers. Know ahead of time what the going price is in your area. Visit and see what most others are paying. Know what your trade is worth before you see the dealer if you're trading.

Used car prices have collapsed recently so don't expect much for your trade. New car sales are very sluggish, but since the Niro is new, now is not the best time to buy. Test drive, let them make you an offer, then walk out the door. Prices will soften later in the year quite a bit. Let them call you up with a better offer. Let them keep calling till the offer is right. Time and the weak auto market are on your side.

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This is what I did and I think I've done good...I got mine in March 31, 2017. A silky silver EX with Tech Package / sunroof for $30,800.000 out of the door (insurance and all misc fees included).

Wait until close to the end of each quarter (March, June, Sep & Dec) because they have to submit quarterly sales reports to their HQ. They will do whatever they can to make that one extra sale before quarter ends. Get online and build your ride. E-mail quotes to three dealerships in your area (dealerships that you can actually go to, not those 100 miles away stores). They will get back to you with a quote. Tell them out right the price you are willing to pay. I went to the deslership at 6pm and took delivery of the car at 8pm.

Good luck hunting.
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