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figuring out total cost of ownership

I don't know if anyone else out there tracks what the put into any car and when they trade/sell/dispose of it work out the yearly cost of ownership. For me, I have tracked for the past 3 cars and found that the cost seems to be going up considerably, but not from the initial price of purchase, but actually from the reliability and repair costs associated.

My first "real" car was a new 96 Ford Explorer Sport. This for some reason works out to have the lowest total cost of ownership as it just kept on going without very much ever going wrong with it and any repairs that needed to get done were pretty low cost. As I am in Canada, the car cost me $26,500 after taxes and financing charges. I ended up putting in $2,900 in ongoing repairs and $1,800 in consumables (tires, breaks, wipers, oil). I kept the car for 12 years so it ended up with $2,600 per year (number rounded to the nearest hundred dollars

My next car was a used 2006 Ford Escape as I couldn't afford any of the Explorers any more as their cost skyrocketed as everyone wanted bigger and bigger trucks. I paid $16,000 for the vehicle but ended up spending over $4,800 in repairs before I gave up. My consumables were only $900 as the car lasted me 6 years and was traded in for $1800 bringing the TOA to $3,330 per year.

My last car was another Ford. This time I got a used 2013 Edge for $24500. I got a bit hosed with this car as within the first year of ownership the breaks froze up and overheated the rotors. The garage I took it too also told me the ABS sensors were shot (that I believe was likely false now in afterthought) for $2300. I did buy snow tires for the car $1300. Consumables (oil & wipers $400 as I decided to go synthetic to try and get the most life out of the car. I ended up having to replace the front breaks again (pads and rotors) as they locked up again and destroyed the rotor $580. The front center console unit failed and I ended up replacing $550. I figured out that the electronics and breaks were going to be a constant issue and decided I didn't want to keep fixing it and traded it in for $12500 after my 4 years of driving. TOA - $4300 per year.

Now I got the Kia Niro at $31,250. I don't know if I should be counting the negative dollar amount of fuel savings to be fair as all my past cars have been gas (and i am sure if you were quiet while driving, you could hear the engine just sucking the gas tank dry).

From an interesting side, my wife picked up a used 2006 Kia Sportage about 2 years after I got the Escape, and it lasted her for 8.5 years with a TOA of $1720 per year. Obviously Kia is a better value for dollar over a Ford.
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Are you factoring in inflation? Thereís no doubt that things cost more today than they did 20 years. And, nowadays, when something breaks, you have to replace the whole component instead of just a part within it and labor costs are crazy.

You didnít explicitly say it, but I assume your first car was new and you kept it for 12 years. You donít say how old the used vehicles were when you bought them, probably one or two years old. Since you didnít have them when they were new, you didnít have the honeymoon period where there should have been relatively no repairs or they were covered under warranty.

And then thereís the fact that you only kept your last two cars for 6 and 4 years. Hopefully, there would be one or two years in between major repairs and if you kept your second and third vehicles for 10 plus years, the average costs would be lower.

Hopefully your Niro will treat you better than your Fords! And you should factor in your gas costs. Thatís the whole point of getting a hybrid, right?
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I am the type of person who is quite happy to drive a vehicle for 10-12 years. I don't lease and flip from being board of a particular car.

You are correct in the first car did get a much longer run for the dollars. The Escape was about 3 years old purchased off lease when the previous owner traded it in. I did the mistake of not taking it to get crown rustproofing as I did with the previous Explorer, and after the 6 years the rear arches on both back doors were almost completely shot. Also the plastic fuel line from the tank wasn't tied down correctly and was chaffed all over the back length and eventually split squirting gas all over the inside of the back of the car. I could have fixed the problems but came to the conclusion that perhaps it was a smart time to get rid of the car and get something better. I feared that if I sunk in the money to get the parts fixes, there would be something else that went wrong and I'd be faced with sinking even more money into the car or walking away with greater debt.

The Edge was just that it's breaking system I later found out is simply defective and requires you to strip/clean/re-lubricate the breaks twice a year just to keep them working. This is the first car that I have heard that requires this sort of maintenance.
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The cost of ownership definitely includes fuel. The Niro has been getting almost double the mpg of my last car in most situations. That means my fuel cost is half, depending on relative gas price. You could also include some figure for reducing the the hassle of frequent fill ups. I get well over 600 miles per tank - best 701 miles - happened on a trip through Canada as it happens. New York to Ohio, made it through Canada without paying Canadian gas taxes.

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The costs of the Niro are definitely going down substantially for me, versus what I drove every day before. My other car, when I put 18k Niles a year on it, cost me almost $20k per year to use. Accounting for depreciation, maintenance, gas, etc. The Niro, I don't know how much it will be yet, but I'm betting it's way less than half that.

I've been plugging in my PHEV Niro most nights lately, and averaging over 70mpg as a result. My previous daily driver got 12mpg, required premium gas, and cost over $7k a year in maintenance. Not because it broke a lot, but because the things that broke costed a fortune. A bad O2 sensor would cost over $1k with labor. Fuel injectors cost $1250 for the set, another $1500 to have them installed. An oil change is $200. The list goes on and on, and that's why I got the Niro for a new daily driver, to offset the costs. The amount of money it's saving me when I drive it instead of my other car, it's virtually a free car.
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You got a great deal on your Niro 👍🏻
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We bought two of them. A grey one for my wife, and the blue one for me. Hers came with 26km on the odometer and she said she averaged 5.2 L/100km (45mpg) on the drive home from the dealership. I know that mine was driven once for a test drive by someone else as it has 57km on the odometer and showed 9.7 L/100Km on the fuel efficiancy when I turned on the key. However, I seem to be getting around the 5.6L/100Km average for any trips that I am taking. I had to do the daddyUber job shuttling to and from dance classes tonight. There were times that I managed to coax the engine to shut off and cruse around the back streets in just EV mode without the engine kicking in. In those times, I did manage to get it down to the 5.2L/100Km but soon the hybrid battery ran low and the motor kicks in and qickly drives it back up. I am sitting at an ECO score of 4 on the hybrid menu. But it is still only on day 1, so I will have to see how it does for the next week or so.
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