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MSRP How Low Can They Go?

I know someone at the dealer who has offered me their family and friends pricing... how much wiggle room do dealers in the US have when reducing the NIRO's MSRP?

It is the end of the year and the auto market is weak... might this help at all?
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If you pay anything close to MSRP, you are paying too much. If you go by the price suggested to you from truecar, CostCo, ConsumerReports, etc, you are paying too much. Do your homework. There's a good discussion on this site: that you might want to review.

Getting the absolute best possible price maybe isn't an appropriate goal, at least for some of us. No one wants to be gouged or pay more than they need to, but it's also a reality that the dealership, the salesperson, the manufacturer, all need to be sufficiently compensated: otherwise, this business doesn't work. It's unfortunate that getting a fair price entails some homework, but that's the current reality.

In my case, I interacted with four different Kia dealers. I figured out a price that I felt was fair, and I let them know that was what I was willing to pay. The first dealer had a good reputation and I actually wanted to support the nice salesperson that spent a lot of time with me, but he had the misfortune of working under a manager who wasn't very astute, so I moved on. In the end, I discovered that two of the Kia dealers I was talking with were willing to negotiate, and two were not. I wound up getting the price I insisted on. And I recently noticed that the two Kia dealers that were not willing to negotiate still had multiple 2018 models on their lots, while the two that were willing to negotiate did not. Maybe the guys that were so intractable a few months ago would be more flexible now, not sure.

I wound up with a deal that had me paying less than MSRP out the door, (meaning that the dealer dropped their price enough to pay for the sales tax and other fees, and I still paid less than MSRP). In terms of absolute dollars spent, some people have done better, many have done worse. I feel good about the deal that I got, and at the end of the day, I think that's what matters most to all of us.

Good luck on your journey! I hope you wind up with a Niro. It's a really good car.

2018 Niro PHEV Gravity Blue
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I got a 2018 Touring out the door at around $26,000. We originally were supposed to get a EX for that price with leather seats but the dealer made a mistake when he was swapping vehicles out with another dealer and we wound up getting the touring for the price.
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Just throwing it out there, but we are also in an Amazon type world. The cost is dynamic to quite a few factors. There is the bottom line price that selling below just is not worth it. Now sometimes that price is lower than the actual cost of the item, but it is sold to get either volume of sales up, or to buy a market share. But also consider the scarcity of the item (in a given market place), the desire of the seller and the desire of the buyer. It's great to say I got screwed over because I paid close to MSRP. I could have waited for longer to purchase, but I was also aware that the trade in value of the vehicle I was driving was only heading down the longer I waited. I also was buying two cars, one for me and the other for my wife, and her car had broken down and the cost of fixing it exceeded the worth of the car. The dealer was motivated to sell as it was the end of the month and end of the quarter, but they also knew there was no competition anywhere near them as the number of dealerships that had any stock was few and far between, and the ones that did have a Niro, it was either the very base in a colour I would not take, or the fully loaded versions that I was not willing to pay for.

So, you are left with a choice. Are you willing to walk away? Do you feel the dealership is desperate enough to not let you walk away? Does the dealership have enough traffic that losing your sale would not really hurt them in their sales numbers? How much do you want or need the car, and do they know that? Does the dealership offer something additional that you might not get elsewhere that would justify paying that amount more?

2018 Niro EX - Ocean Blue
GTA - Canada.
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I got a 2017 niro launch msrp 29,570 for 22,835 out the door cashier check in hand. Car had 80 miles when I got off of lot.
Love it, I get 54 cents from my company and i average 40-43 mph, can go 475 to 500 on tank of gas.
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Just picked up my New 2019 Niro Touring after negotiation with lots of dealers I got it for $28,755 out the door including all lic reg and taxes. It had a sticker price of $33435
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I bought a Niro Plug-In Hybrid - EX Premium, last week. Sticker was $35775.00. I paid $31699.00 (plus $275 tax and tile fees - and sales tax, of course). I hope to get a $750 rebate from the state and about a $4500 Tax Credit on next year's federal income tax.
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