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Adaptive mileage readout?

I just got my 2018 Niro PHEV EX premium a week ago.....

I'm thinking the EV range reading is adaptive to my driving. The first few days were just driving around town and when I recharged to full I would get a range reading of 29 miles on EV. Then I made a few highways trips and the next time I charged to full I got an EV range reading of 27... After a couple more highway trips it's now down to 25 miles.

Also, when I charged it for the first time using my level 2 JuiceBox, my juicebox app also showed the range of 25 EV miles.... the dial in the app shows the 29 mile range but it's only green up to 25 miles.

The Niro must be communicating my EV mileage to my Juicebox?...
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