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My 19,718 mile Summary on 2017 EX with Sunroof Pkg

Overall I like the car (19, 718 miles now) at 51.2MPG AVE per Fuelly. Account name is "Our Niro" if anyone wants to check Fuelly.

I like the car but the surging, jerking (whatever you call it) is aggravating. Our car does not show extreme symptoms, but it is noticeable when I does it (sometimes more noticeable than other times). Most of the time it is not noticed.

Also, seems the temperature control and radio operation is erratic: Temperature heat and air works, just does not seem to respond correctly (fan speed using AUTO can be low or high and does not seem to be where needed - have to vary it manually - I don't know how to describe it all, jut does not seem to be normal). Radio does crazy things also, (turns radio on by itself, usually all we do is USB music and sometimes end up with radio and have a time getting back to USB -- pull the USB out and plug it back in resets it).

Considering the recalls (glad at least they do them), I restate what I always use to say, 'Don't buy a new Model anything."

Ours was the first to hit the Dealers lot (bought FEB 2017 as EX Model with the Sunroof PKG) and to top it off I did not negotiate a hard as normal (got a $2000 discount - think final price was $27,999 plus taxes, etc. and decent average price for my 2010 Rogue).

Not a smart deal except I like the car (size, looks, MPG, driving it).

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I've got roughly 3500 miles on my 2018 Touring edition and I have to say there are a few things I wish they would straighten out. It seems like there should be some modifications they can make with the transmission jerking. The only remedy I find for that is to use sport mode. It also seems odd not to have a RPM gauge if you are shifting. I know MPG suffers from having the larger wheels but I have never got the 45 mpg that was specified for this model. It always ends up at 40-42 MPG no matter how I drive the car.
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Paul- I have the 2017 LX with @17k miles. I agree on the Auto heat/AC- don't like it. I don't like the 'algorythm' it uses to heat you up- nothing for a bit, then blasts it out the defrost, then eventually at the feet. If you don't go into Auto mode when asking for heat after first starting, ie. when engine is still cold, it keeps blinking for you to put in Auto. The only way to overide is to press the blower zone button at far right and toggle to feet or feet/body. At least it stops flashing Auto when the car warms up a bit. And the Sync/zone thing I've always thought ridiculous-different temp zones for two feet away? Like Jerry Seinfeld said, how does it know the air molecules aren't commingling? lol.
As far as the jerk/surging, I rarely get it, but do occasionally. From a stop the surge is solved by pausing for a moment before accelerating, to let the clutch engage properly.
Radio is the default mode. You have to select AndroidAuto or ApplePlay with the USB in for it to start. I think there's a way to select from phone app to make it go auto into AA/AP when plugged in, or not. Dont know how it's done, but it changed on mine when I deleted and reinstalled AA app.
I always had the 1st year model rule too, but at the time I needed a car soon, found the price as low or lower as other models I looked at, Honda HRV, Mazda 3/5, Camry, Escape, even Civic with a few options added. But I liked the Niro interior/layout/ride/MPG better. $k's less than most hybrids too. The kicker was the super long warranty. Also the ADA height seats are a blessing, esp. when going back in low reg sedan or super high SUV seats.
So, not perfect, but no car is. Altogether, glad I got it.

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You can defeat some of the "auto" functions by disabling ADS - press and hold the front defrost button for a few seconds. Then on manual control, it will direct air flow where you set it. I find climate control unbelievably frustrating, but this fix does help one of the annoyances.

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