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Originally Posted by FiddlingNiro View Post
Here's a good problem to have: I've had my PHEV for a month, driven almost 1000 miles, and I still have nearly the original full tank of gas. Should I worry about the gas getting "old" in the tank? Perhaps I should add a fuel stabilizer?

If you live in a state that allows the sale of real old fashioned NON ethanol gas at gas stations (New York state does!!) the best option is to use NON ethanol gas, period. Ethanol does break down after prolonged storage/non clogs up fuel injectors, and even if you use it regularly, does not offer the best MPG available to any car, standard gas car or hybrid.............. ethanol is's the product of lies from both the Corn farmer lobbyists and Republicans that wanted to sell MORE corn,,,,,,,,to be turned into ethanol,,,,,,,,,,,,, shortages of corn led to higher feed prices for farmers which led to higher meat prices for us............. then on top of that it destroys lawn mowers, snow blowers, chain saws and boat motors in record numbers every year,,,,,,,,,thus lining the pockets of repair shops and/or selling of new equipment that has been damaged..................last slap in the face is that ethanol requires MORE energy to produce, so it's biggest hypocrisy/lie that it was supposed to be more environmentally friendly, and reduce our dependence on foreign oil is all LIES................ if you can, buy ethanol free gas,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, your Niro, car, lawnmower, snow blower, boat motor will be much happier and you wont be lining the pockets of the crooks that fed us this b.s. from day 1
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