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2017 Niro rear view mirror

Folks, I have an issue with the rear view mirror in my 2017 Niro. A seemingly silly one, but an issue nonetheless! I cannot get it to adjust to allow me to see out the back window. It's tilted all the way up but not up enough for me to see out. All I can see is the top of the back seat. I've moved the seat back and forward, up and down but wherever I sit I can't tilt the mirror up enough for me to see anything but the back seat. It will tilt down but just doesn't tilt up enough for me. I'm average height so that shouldn't be an issue. I took it to the dealer for a recall issue and asked them to look at it, thinking that it could be some sort of adjustment but they said they can't do anything about it. It's a bit frustrating and painful to have to scrunch my neck to see what's in back. Any advice?

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