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Question Really Wanted a Kia Niro -- then found this forum ;-/

Really liked this car online and at the dealer, maybe even got attached to it... kinda sorta still want to buy it.

Great space. Great mileage. Solid reliability and satisfaction on Consumer Reports review site.
The EX with Tech Pkg (for the safety stuff, esp blind spot are rear cross traffic alert) is near the top end of my $ range (yep really).
Niro is around the top end for size car i want (don't laugh, I drive a 98 Honda Civic HB).

Sort of a perfect car fantasy -- match made in heaven etc.

Then I came across this forum.
Many messages about mileage decrease. Hmmm, but I could live with it if it turned out to be true.
Reports of gas leaking into oil (!) What? that's not good!!
Report of getting an error message instead of a car that starts up when it is supposed to (!!!!!!). WTF? Big problem.
In the 20 years with my current car, 3 times it hasn't started. Twice when I knowingly essentially ran it out of gas before parking it, once when the battery was done (got a jump and then went to buy a new battery).

So the fantasy is gone and unease has set in (maybe like some of my relationships, but i digress ha ha).
I'm a sensitive guy but y'all figured that out seeing how my thoughts have changed based on what I've read here.
Hard to tell how real these issues are, and whether they are like 1 in 10,000 or like 1 in 50.

My new car decision just got more complicated. Yes, it's not a bad thing to be more informed of what could go wrong. But will it?
Any experience/input from owners, especially from those that have had no issues or minor issues and maybe haven't spoken up. And even better if 2019 model Niros, non-plugin.

Reliability is such a big deal for me. My car priorities
(1) reliability - seemed great now I'm not so sure :-/
(2) utility - it's got a hatch and great space
(3a) safety - IIHS top safety pick
(3b) mileage - cuz I'm eco-conscious and cheap like that.
(4) image - (>5 years ago this didn't matter to me at all, somehow it does now, this car hits all the right image buttons for me)
(5) price - (hey if it's a great match and anywhere within my $ range, I'm all in)

Generally don't like the idea of leasing, but also thinking about that for the first time now so I could have an exit plan for a problematic car after 2-3 years. I'd rather it turn out to be super dependable and have it for 10 or 15 years cuz that's what I tend to do.

Okay that was maybe cathartic do get that all written down and "out there" albeit to a fairly small audience.

If I end up a Kia Niro owner, I promise to come back here at let everyone know how it goes over the (hopefully many) years.

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Hey Drewsel
Its easy to get caught up in the negative stuff when buying anything. These days its a crap shoot buying any car. I used to think Volvos where the toughest most dependable car made. Tough maybe, but my research found not so good on reliability. Anyway......I just bought a brand new 2018 Niro EX PHEV. I'm really loving it. Yes......there were not one, but two recalls before I even picked it up. Nothing major, so I'm not worried. I haven't bought a new car since 1975. I have always purchased pre owned from friends or business partners. I really did the research (like you have apparently done) and I am completely satisfied. I even had to go to Utah (from Southern Cal) to get the car I wanted. I believe the EX is a good choice as you get some good bells and whistles for the money. I think Kia has come a long ways in the last several years and is giving it's bed partner Hyundai a run for their money. I know Hondas a dependable, but comparably speaking aren't they a bit more pricey? Well....either way you sound like a great person. You'll make the right decision for you regardless of the pros and cons. Besides...….with a forum like this, you could overcome just about any obstacle.
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Don't ever google medical symptoms. You'll convince yourself in ten minutes that you won't survive the month unless you are able to travel to Tibet to get treated by an ancient remedy that requires Sasquatch urine mixed with UFO brain fluid while standing inside a metal and glass pyramid that is really a communication device to the alien home world via telepathic powers. That's just the nature of looking on the internet.

1. I think forums invite lots of 'outlier' situations. Neither the members of the forum nor their issues are representative of the average owner. Kia sold 88,000 thousand Niros in 2018. Like any model/brand, there are always issues.

2. This isn't cutting edge's bleeding edge. This isn't Golf Mark VIII or a mid cycle refresh of a vehicle that's been in production 4 years using 90% of the same parts as most of the company. This is a brand new everything with little to no historical performance/manufacture/reliability comparatives.

3. I have a 2018 PHEV version. As far as I can tell, most of the issues were with 2017 and the first part of the 2018 build. I got mine in August 2018 and it has not been subject to ANY of the recalls and technical service bulletins mentioned here and elsewhere. They only refer to vehicles build before mine. My presumption is the 2019s are incrementally better than that and are pretty much bug free.

4. Related issue. In 26 years of marriage we have bought mostly used but also 4 new vehicles. They are in order:

a. 1995 Plymouth Neon. That's the model year the Neon debuted. Overall great car. But we found out there was a half year model the 1995 1/2 (yes that's what the dealer called it) because there were a couple issues so bad they decided to update mid model year. Found that out after the throttle stuck to the floor. Or rather not the throttle pedal and no not that sorta odd throttle issue Toyota had where it all turned out to be either user error or floormats in the way. Nope. This wasn't even the pedal but rather when the linkage entered the throttle body there was a valve or flap or whatever inside regulating the actual throughput....duh. That valve stuck wide open. So the pedal and the linkage were loose but the internal valve was stuck open. Luckily we didn't crash but let's just say when it happened, it was extremely bad situation. I got it unstuck by banging on the throttle body with a hammer. Took it to the dealer and they said there's a technical service bulletin but no recall. And the TSB wasn't free. $800 please to fix your dangerous vehicle. And that part was only the first six month of production and is why they issued a 95.5 model. Why no recall? Well apparently nobody had died yet. Recalls don't happen when problems are found. Recalls happen when it's obvious lawsuits will rain down otherwise.

b. 2000 Hyundai Elantra wagon---cruise control was flaky but nothing else. Model had been out awhile and in fact was the last year there was an Elantra wagon. For 2001 they launched the first Hyundai SUV which (the dealer even showed me) was exactly part for part an Elantra wagon other than black plastic cladding around wheel wells, larger wheels, and AWD added. Everything else was exactly the same. I got the very last Elantra on his lot and they never got any more because the SUVs had showed up. And said 'yeah, it's the same exact vehicle but even in the FWD version of the SUV, we can charge $5000 more than if it were a 'wagon' '.

c. 2001 Hyundai Accent--5 speed clutch simply wouldn't let you shift decent. Would grind into every gear (I had a commercial truck driving license at the time so know how to drive a 5 speed). Took it back to the dealer to get the clutch adjusted and that's when I found there was such a thing as an automatically adjusting clutch. The service manager's explanation was 'that's a feature'. He said Hyundai made them that way 'extra stiff' because people don't know how to drive them and they wanted more wear to be available. By 40,000 miles the clutch should be broken in he said. But for now (TSB) we are changing out the transmission grease and putting a pure synthetic in at no charge for customers who the shifting bugs them. They helped....not completely....and yes by 40,000 it was smooth as silk.

d. 2011 Dodge Grand Caravan. At that point Dodge was nearly 30 years into making vans. Issues? Just the bad ones. 1. Brand new transmission desing. 6 speed. Terrible freaking transmission. Jumps and grabbed and skipped gears and all kinds of whacky crap. Nearly got stranded on a road trip. Numerous attempts at 'this time the coding upgrade is going to fix the shifting' Yep...made it worse. Took a solid 18 months before they could get the transmission to work at an acceptable (not good though) level. Sliding power doors? I want to throttle the designer. Owed it 7 years and they never did work right AND rattled and squeaked incessantly. All kinds of visits to 'fix' it. Very frustrating....just a badly designed door. and 3. The demons in the HVAC. Every freakin spring and every fall you could not get it to switch from AC to heat or vice versa. It was just plain strange. You'd get things like the defrosters blowing hot air at full speed while the AC vents threw cold air at max AC. Or front did one thing and back did another (regardless of position of the switches). Or left didn't do what the right did AC one side, heat the other (and yes the dual zone was synced/off). Or all of those at once where something different is going on at every vent. Once season transitioned played out it would settle down.

MPG issues? Nothing to do with any lack of performance on the part of Kia. All cars do it and all hybrids do it worse. So says the feds.....
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To echo what the others said:

Remember that people with negative experiences are most likely going to post their issues. The thousands of other owners who are happy with their purchase won’t feel the need to say so. There are a few happy owners that will express their satisfaction on these forums, but most who are posting are having some issue that they are trying to resolve.

That being said, if a lot of people complain about the same thing then maybe there is a serious flaw with the car.

Ultimately, it’s for you to decide how much risk that you’re willing to take. I always look at VW cars, but in the back of my mind, there are those voices that say that VWs always have problems and are expensive to fix.
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2018 HEV Niro EX Metal Stream with Advanced Tech Package

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Originally Posted by Nouseformonkeys View Post
To echo what the others said:

Remember that people with negative experiences are most likely going to post their issues. The thousands of other owners who are happy with their purchase won’t feel the need to say so. There are a few happy owners that will express their satisfaction on these forums, but most who are posting are having some issue that they are trying to resolve.

That being said, if a lot of people complain about the same thing then maybe there is a serious flaw with the car.

Ultimately, it’s for you to decide how much risk that you’re willing to take. I always look at VW cars, but in the back of my mind, there are those voices that say that VWs always have problems and are expensive to fix.
yep, we LOVE our Niro. No regrets. We had a Hyundai Accent for 7 yrs and we loved it. I expect the same from the niro.

2018 Niro PHEV LX Silver/charcoal
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We love our Niro also. We only have 9500 mi. on it so far, but so far no issues at all.
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Gene Daytona Beach Beach, Fl.
2018 Kia Niro LX 7/11/18-
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I to was on the fence after reading negative comments. But it was the perfect vehicle for me with an hour commute to work and 58 MPG. The price was the only thing holding me back at first then I found a 2017 EX last February and got a pretty good discount on it in the color and interior I wanted. Haven't had a single issue yet.
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If 100 out of 100,000 people have problems, you’ll read about all 100 of them online and not near from most of the 99,900 who are happy with it.

Try any other car forum and you’ll find problems. That’s a large reason why people would come to a forum.

It’s only a real problem when lots and lots of people are complaining about the same thing. The fact that there seems to mostly be one or two or three people with that same problem actually seems like a pretty good sign to me. I’ve had mine for a year and a half now and haven’t had any issues.
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We still own our 1999 Hyundai Elantra. The car won't quit and has been the most cost effective vehicle we've ever owned including after the 10 year warranty expired. We purchased our Kia Niro PHEV EX last July and while we only have a little over 2,000 miles on it, we haven't had any issues to date. As with the Elantra, we plan on owning the Niro long term.
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2018 Niro EX PHEV- Aurora Black Pearl/Charcoal
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I have had my 2018 NIRO PHEV EX for about 6 months and just rolled over 10K miles. No problems at all and I really like the car. Most of my travels are in EV mode. Currently, my combined mileage is approaching 70 eMPG. When on long trips, I get the advertised 45mpg. The safety features are outstanding. rear cross traffic alert is flawless as is blind spot warning. I really like the active lane keeping assist as well. Overall it is a terrific car.
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