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I am looking to install one of these when I take delivery of my Niro. As I live in Canada, we don't get the same prices nor any of the discounts. What I am more interested in is how dificult it was to install, and if you have any tips or gotchya's to pass along that will aid in it's installation? I have installed a Curt hitch onto my old Ford Edge and it really didn't take too much and with a little bit of help to hold things when needed got installed in about 30 minutes.

I am not looking to install any wiring, and only need to get the hitch to attach on a mountain bike hitch rack that I own as I really don't want to pay to repalce it again, and as I have a full suspension mountain bike, all the strap on/roof mount options that I have seen don't work or are not really compatible with my bike frame.
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