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Originally Posted by jasongind View Post
I keep reading the ev range is 26 miles but mine only reads 24 mils when fully charged. It doesn't matter if I charge on level 1 at home or level 2 at work, still 24 miles. Any ideas?

Thanks for pointing out that charging at level 2 doesn't make a difference, because I've been wondering about this same phenomenon and suspecting that maybe I should install a level 2.

I've only owned my PHEV for a few weeks and the first few times I charged it up on the level 1 charger it came with, it said that the range was 26 miles. I'm in Southern CA but it's currently the fall season and I have only used the AC on two occasions. I've run the battery down to 0 miles remaining electric range on two occasions (three if you count the state it was in when I bought it), but mostly I drive around town in all-electric mode and put it on the charger when it has less than 12 miles of electric capacity left. But now every time I charge it, the dashboard gauge reports a 24 mile range, while the uvo app reports 26 until I've opened the door and turned on the ignition to read the dashboard gauge, at which point uvo also reports 24. Is this adaptive logic, or is it early stage battery deterioration? I have less than 500 miles on my car.
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