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I came to the Niro PHEV after 5 years driving the Ford Cmax Energi PHEV. That was definitely adaptive - at start with a full charge it estimated EV miles based on your last drive. When new in 2013 it would estimate ~25 miles, but if you turned on heat (resistant electric in that car) or drove at 65MPH, you might only get 18-20. And the next time it might only estimate 23 miles. Fast forward to when I traded it in in 2018, LiOn degradation of the propulsion battery had lost capacity, so the most it would estimate was 17 miles. A more accurate reading was the actual charge capacity, measured with a scanguage or (in my case) a Torque Pro reading from the OBD2 pins - when new in 2013 the car delivered 5.8 kWh, in 2018 that was 3.6kWh. Normal battery degradation due mostly to heating the battery during charge and discharge. The air cooled fan just doesn't cool adequately. And I made the mistake of treating it like an EV car, coming home and plugging it in hot to recharge. I learned (and apply now to the Niro PHEV) of using the charge on schedule to charge around 1AM (I have a 240 charging station at home) so it's cold when charged and will be done shortly before I leave in the morning. Let's see next year if it still says 26 when started!
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