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Fixed the obnoxious lock / unlock chirp / buzz on my niro

I've loved that all my previous cars (hyundai elantras) had an option to turn off any noise when locking/unlocking with the remote. I pretty much forgot entirely about it until I took delivery of my niro and had to unlock the door. i asked the salesperson if there was any way to turn it off, and he said no.

That didn't deter me - i figured it out.

Looking at the component locations in the service manual, the "Door lock / unlock buzzer" is located under the hood near the drivers side headlight. It's a small green box about 1"x1"x2" with a two wire connector clipped in the bottom.

Unclip the wire, and no more chirps. I've observed no other effects. The theft horn is a different part and still attached. Lights still flash so you get visual confirmation it locks. My motorized mirrors turn in when locked too, so there's a tiny audible response too.

location in service manual (item #4)
Kia Niro : Components and components location : Keyless Entry And Burglar Alarm
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