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Originally Posted by Nouseformonkeys View Post
Itís probably for security reasons as said previously. Another far-fetched example is you and your friends arrive at a restaurant in separate cars. You get there first, get out of and lock your car. Your friends pull in and park in another aisle so you walk over to talk to them. Then you all head into the restaurant and you end up walking past your car again. You donít want your car to unlock by itself.

Other cars will unlock the door if you just put your hand around the handle, eliminating the need to push a button. The car probably only detects the key at a very short range so that you have to be right next to the car for it to unlock.

Weíve disabled the mirror folding action. Thatís just another moving part that can malfunction over time. We donít have to worry about fitting into tight spots or park on narrow streets very often.
So the version where you grab the handle to get the door to unlock (my 2015 Fusion you pull it out twice....second one unlocks the car) is almost identical to the Niro's unlock. You grab the handle. The diffference being in the Niro you push the button with your thumb (a very easy button to push unlike old 1960s cars). So this whole complaint stream is about moving your thumb and inch?
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