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Originally Posted by brandent View Post
So the version where you grab the handle to get the door to unlock (my 2015 Fusion you pull it out twice....second one unlocks the car) is almost identical to the Niro's unlock. You grab the handle. The diffference being in the Niro you push the button with your thumb (a very easy button to push unlike old 1960s cars). So this whole complaint stream is about moving your thumb and inch?
I definitely wasnít complaining, just making an observation. When I was looking at different cars, there were a couple that had the feature where the door unlocks if you put your hand into the handle ďpocketĒ. You donít even have to touch the handle and it will unlock. Then you just pull the handle and the door opens. Itís no big deal to me to push the unlock button with my thumb on my Niro. As a matter of fact, Iím so used to using the remote to unlock, half the time Iím pulling my keys out of my pocket to hit that button.

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