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Thinking of selling my 2019 PHEV Niro - mmmaybe.

Hey guys. It's almost that time.

I'd planned to sell my PHEV around now, so am putting out some feelers.

In BC Canada it cost me: ($39650 msrp + 12% tax) - $2500 rebate, if I recall correctly (~$42k CDN).

I've added an almost $1000 professional installation of front/rear dashcams (BlackVue 60FPS), and have a nice set of official rubber floor mats.

Picked it up in mid Oct, 2018. 8k km. Black interior/exterior. No dings. Perfect shape. If I decide to keep it I'll upgrade the 12V battery, as I'd recommend to anyone buying.

I was told there's only 4 in this province, and a total of 47 in the country, so I guess its rarity counts for something.

Not wanting to part with it immediately, but am wanting to know what I'll get.

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