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The question that everyone is skirting around is how much is the vehicle worth. It is used, so it's not new, so I don't think that the warranty that you have will directly translate over to a new owner? I don't know as I don't sell cars. But that would be a question that will be asked. Now there is the depreciation hit. Its that silly thing being that new cars loose value as soon as they are driving off the lot and registered into a persons name. Unlike some rare classic cars that will all be used to start with that can retain and sometimes gain value over time. Your PHEV is not worth the price you've paid.

The $1000 worth of dashcams no matter how professionally installed are not worth anywhere close to that amount. I think you'd be lucky to get an extra $200 onto the cost of the car if you sweet talk someone into it. Yes, there are people who see a value in having a dashcam, but I have seen them balk at paying $150 for a unit, so I doubt that you'd get very much. The car mats you might get 1/2 what you paid if you pulled them out and sold privately. If they are in the car then you're effectively giving them away for free as I doubt someone would pay you extra for them.

Your best hope is that you find someone who most desperately wants to get into a plug in Niro and NEEDS IT NOW! type of mindset. The best person to ask is lafe as he had an HEV for 6 months and I gather dumped it for the plug in. How much did he lose in the transaction??

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