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Originally Posted by Dovidan View Post
Orac: can't help but wonder why you are selling?

Hey Dovidan. My original plan was to use the PHEV until the EV became available, and was told March this year would be the date. Unfortunately Kia doesn't care much about getting the EV in Canada it would seem, so I've decided to go halfway with my original plan and get the Model 3 instead of the Niro EV - eventually the Model Y (deposit down already).

It's disheartening that my market is so small that it's not important to Kia, and that I've wasted so much money trusting they'd actually give us some of the global allotment.

I do love the PHEV Niro though, and ****, the Kia dealership people are amazing - just amazing. It's the nicest car I've ever owned, and best driving in most aspects (apart from a chipped Golf TDI that was.... fun). I just need to have pure electric. I'm triggered/OCD whenever I pass a gas station, let alone have to stop at one

So to the car, and to answer your question, I say, 'It's not you, it's me...' hehehe
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