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Originally Posted by Roadkill401 View Post
I am with Griswald. People purchase a vehicle based on there wants neeeds and desires. If the model choices do not meet your criteria then you have the option of either not buying or having to make a sacrifice to what you want. It shouldn't be the governments job to prop up company sales if their products don't meet markets wants needs or desires or that the price point to do that is just too high.

To those who say that they need to give subsidies to drive market change, then I'd say there are two ways to get that goal. Try with a carrot to lead people to make your desired choice, or use a big stick to make them stop doing what you don't want. Why not just heavily tax the big poluting vehicles that you think are causing the problem? (then Trump can use that tax money to build his big wall as it's likely the trump supporters who like to coal roll and drive the big deasil pickup trucks) Would be ironic getting his people to pay.

Sorry, but you are not "with Griswald".

Griswald is a Trump supporter. You are obviously not.

Just keep lumping us all into that "deplorable" category, that worked out really well in the last election.

P.S. You are on ignore, so don't bother to reply.

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