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Originally Posted by yticolev View Post
Some politics are appropriate on a car forum, like subsidies for owners or manufacturers or energy producers/suppliers. You could expand that to single issue support for candidates for your preferred position, but otherwise there are better forums for pure politics. Not interested.

Thanks, I appreciate your opinion. I too had some doubts about whether this was an appropriate topic for this forum (which is why I started this thread in the "Off Topic Discussion" section). My primary motivation for starting this thread was because politics came up in a different thread and I didn't want to hijack that thread by responding to the political sentiments that had been expressed. But I'm also really curious to learn about how people who think about politics in very different ways are still highly motivated to be Niro owners. It occurred to me that we might hear some comments on this thread that break commonly held stereotypes, and that would probably be a good thing if it happens.

Originally Posted by badyellowvette View Post
You forgot to put in the pole "I think Trump is an embarrassment and should be impeached".
Thanks for chiming in with that. I might have been tempted to include that one, but I wanted to come up with a set of questions that would feel evenly balanced to most forum members, regardless of their political stripes.

Originally Posted by TLH1310 View Post
What about those of us that don't align with any major parties.

I like to say "I'm fiscally conservative, and socially liberal."

None of the parties are fiscally responsible, and those that claim they are, don't fit my social criteria.

Bringing this into Niro context: Of the cars I looked at when selecting a new car, the Niro had the best gas mileage and fit my needs best. My other choices included Impreza, Kona, or CR-V.
Good point! And I kind of align with that myself. I regret that I didn't think to include that one in the list of questions. This poll will only accept responses for two weeks, and then it's closed. If anyone feels inspired to create a new poll like this in the future, I hope they include that as one of the options.

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