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Originally Posted by Griswald View Post
Sorry, but you are not "with Griswald".

Griswald is a Trump supporter. You are obviously not.

Just keep lumping us all into that "deplorable" category, that worked out really well in the last election.

P.S. You are on ignore, so don't bother to reply.

I didn't vote for any US politician as I don't live in the USA... so your political system is your problem not mine. I'm sorry if I hurt your feelings by lumping you in with the stereotypical depction that the media likes to play. I guess there are both republicans and democrats that like to coal-roll and don't give a hoot about polution, just like there are peole of both political persuasion that will go out and buy an eco friendly car to help out with the planet movement.

As for the wall.. Can we get some help to build one up around Quebec/USA border to stem the tied of irregular migrants into Canada from the USA?? We have the same problem of uncontrolled immigration that doesn't come through the regular application channels. The comment on the wall is just poking satire into the thread.

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