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The one thing that I have found is that politics is getting more and more devisive. Here in Canada, there was when I was young, the Left (NDP), the centeralist (liberal) and the right (conservative). Though now it seems that the Liberals has moved to the left, pushing the NDP to be now ultra left wing, and for some reason has driving the Conservatives to be even more right than before.

I wish we could have the CommonSense party, that didn't have to paint withing the boxes dictated by left or right polotics. If it makes common sense then why does it matter if on one toppic you take a more Left stand and on something else take a Right?

For example. Gun Control. The problem is not the gun. The problem is not the law abiding citizens who use them responsibly. The problem is the criminals who don't follow the laws and the cavilier who take the side of shoot first ask questions later. But it looks like the Left and the Right want to take polar opposite stances on the issue and totally miss the problem that stuck right in the middle.

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